Variflex Spittle


Pure crap or Pure Genius? In the late 80’s I wouldn’t have been caught dead on a Variflex board, now I kind of want to make a t-shirt out of this old sticker design.  The post on the Variflex XP series still gets a lot of traffic, but I’d never seen a Spittle board… until I googled it after writing that last sentence. I found one from Ebay seller toddtwist, AKA Sean Goff. Turns out the Spittle board looks semi-legit. This one sold for a killing at $280 considering NOS Variflex XP series were going for $70 8 years ago. Art of Skateboarding dates this board to 1988, and they’ve got one in a nice white colorway.

UPDATE: Justin Goetz has a mind like steel trap. He recognized this deck from an old Lance Mountain column in the November, 1989 issue of Transworld. It’s actually a pro model for Michel Spitalhouse. I added scans to the end of the post.


Notice the sticker says “XPS Series,” which is technically different from the XP Series. The extra “S” stood for “Signature.” Whoever this Spittle character was, he must have been hardcore, it says so right on the deck! He must have crushed it with those royalties.


The Spittle guy manages to rip off two companies at the same time, or are you blind to the Santa Cruz Slasher and Indy trucks references?  Notice the maltese cross is missing form the sticker design. I wonder if they got a cease and desist from Fausto.


Even these wheels look up to snuff by 80’s standards, and check out that Cell Block knock off riser pad.



I can’t remember if NMB were legit bearings, but  Nash used them as well.


Mr Goff did a nice job on presenting this board for sale.


Spittle sticker in slightly larger version.


Michel Spitalhouse  feature in Lance Mountain’s Anyone – Anything. Turns out the Spittle was an actual pro model.





  1. i’m with you on been seen on a variflex .

  2. Arsenio venkman on March 31, 2016 - Reply

    So that’s where ace trucks got their hanger

  3. Prickly Pete on March 31, 2016 - Reply

    Not sure if this is the right place to raise the question, but what was the deal with mustachioed/mulleted/Oakley-wearing, late 80s Veriflex skater Jeff Jones? Veriflex (and Shark brand watches) ran adds with him superimposed over rollercoasters and stuff. You never saw or read about the guy in contests or at some random session that got coverage. I mean, whaaat’s the deal?

    • Arsenio venkman on April 2, 2016 - Reply

      Jeff jones owned a skatepark in brick nj called the incline club in 1990 till ? I used to go there in 91 to 92. Jeff was real good. It was my first time at a skatepark and I really couldn’t handle anything other than the micro ramp at 16 years old. Jeff was in a gotcha contest in 87 he spun a sick fronside 540…..

  4. david odk on April 2, 2016 - Reply

    NMB bearings were sold in most skateshops here and were a little bit cheaper than SKF

  5. BUMP. Michel Spitalhouse por model! New pics added.

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