Des Moines > San Jose?


According to the Des Moines Regional Skatepark committee, this final design will be the largest open skatepark in the United States. I’m not sure what they mean by “open.” Maybe that’s to counter facilities like Woodward, although they could have said “public” instead. Is there some monstrous indoor skatepark that I’m unaware of? Even the square footage listing of 65,000 is below the official 68,000 listed for Lake Cunningham. I always thought Louisville was largest, but it only weighs in at 44,000 square feet. DMRS is in need of a comprehensive overhead floorpan on their site. California Skateparks designed the park.


  1. Koepke on March 22, 2016 - Reply

    No fences no pad nannies no stereotypical pop punk no entry fee no Wormhoudt? Sounds much, much better.

    • tallboycan on March 23, 2016 - Reply

      People don’t like Wormhoudt? I’m interested as to why. I’ve skated a couple of their parks in California and I thought they were cool.

  2. I believe by “open” they mean that it’s not fenced in. Looking at the concept art there are no gates and it appears passers-by can freely walk through on the path.

  3. dickcancer on March 30, 2016 - Reply

    Is Wormhout still in business? Either way, I will bet my last inch of cancer dick that it will be THE SAME PHUCKING TRANSITION TEMPLATE USED through out the entire park. What does that mean, because Im fktard. It means they lack imagination and its easier to do the same shit over and over and over…Same applies to LAS VEGAS big ranch park done by WALLY HOLLYDAY. SAME OL SHIT. IT STINKS. I will stop trolling and cease being a troll now

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