Joe Cool Compendium


In this Joe Cool compendium we’re talking licensed Snoopy characters appearing on skateboard graphics, not pictures or figures of Snoopy riding a skateboard. All but one appearance of Snoopy as a skateboard graphic have been on Nash skateboards. This excludes Adam McNatt’s clearly unlicensed “Charlie Manson and the Peanuts Gang” deck for 101. Multiple Joe Cool color ways and a rarity of sorts after the jump.

This is all of them as far as I can tell. There are likely a few I haven’t seen or can’t find, so let me know if you have evidence.

I’m going to start with this one. It’s a Nash Doz’r mini skateboard or locker skateboard that were all the rage… never. This appears to be the only photo in existence on the Interwebs™. If you find another, please let me know.


Here’s Joe Cool hanging out at Venice Beach with different colored shoes. He actually is cool. Check out Woodstock surfing in the background. Usually he’s just ancillary to Snoopy instead of doing his own righteous thing.



This is Slam’n Joe Cool with a backside smith on his doghouse. Interesting that Woodstock has a helmet on but Snoopy doesn’t. Woodstock has his skateboard in hand, or wing I guess.


This blue colorway is from Flickr user bunbunlife.


I found this green color way on, which has a large selection of Peanuts items with skateboards, as well as a couple actual skateboards. Some of it is for sale.


This Snoopy Scooter Club skateboard is for sale on Etsy.


Here it is, shown in a  1993 JcPenney catalog. Scooter handle attachment is optional.


Here’s an odd Joe Cool “pupcycle” as seen on Those don’t look like the are original equipment. At first I thought “pupcycle” was in reference to a mode of transportation. Then I noticed Snoopy was eating a popsicle,  so maybe they meant to call it a “popsicle.”



Another scooter/skateboard combo board from Ebay. If you look at the swarm of birds, they’re not French, those appear to be police hats. Is a flock of birds still called a flock if they aren’t flying? Woodstock belongs to a gang called the Scooters. I can’t tell if Snoopy is wearing a leather jacket or a tuxedo.



This looks like a legitimately licensed product from FTC. I believe this is the only non-Nash appearance of Snoopy as a skateboard graphic. Snoopn4Pnuts has one for sale.



Snoopy was available on roller-skates too. Yes, it’s off-topic, but these are Nash branded as well.



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  1. There’s a Nash Doz’r hanging in the museum at Tri-Star Skateshop , here in Cleveland , Ohio . Jimmy has a few other Snoopy completes .

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