Bernie Shreds


I’ve seen this Bernie Sanders graphic all over Facebook, but because it’s the Interwebs® nobody actually provides a link or a credit. I’m not sure who originally made it, but it looks like you can get it from here. There’s no mention of Bernie getting a cut of the oddly priced ($5.08) stickers. Maybe that’s what the extra 8 cents is for.

UPDATE: Looks like they came from Commonwealth.


  1. he rides indy’s , vans shoes , and has rails . i d vote for him!

  2. Schneaumunn on February 22, 2016 - Reply

    transworld photo annual cover; Gonz

  3. Meanwhile on February 25, 2016 - Reply

    Unrelated news flash: Kid who still skates with his mommy wins world’s most prestigious big wave contest. If John John and John Mom were kooks, it could be a Hollywood movie.

  4. Bernie stickers should be “free” Let the working people pay for em-

    • You got it wrong. Bernie stickers will be free once we stop giving tax breaks to the wealthy sticker companies.

      • Skating and politics don’t mix. (Or at least enlighten.) Ten speed bicycling, or a geared motor vehicle, do however… or should. If Bernie would wise up and admit that some of his fans’ fixies will always lose a race with a ten speed bike, with equal efforts, and that the only way to have fluid upward and downward mobility, that will unlaggingly reward increasing and decreasing productivity, is to regard tax brackets like gears, so as to easily see that larger ones can be overcome AS EASILY when you have more momentum, then we could un-whiningly get back toward the more progressive tax rates that prevailed during the years that social conservatives incidentally seem so nostalgic for. I’m not suggesting the 90% top rate of the Eisenhower years, but if one accepted that non-pro ten speed bikes were a good thing to keep in mind, and compared their lowest and highest gears’ relation, one might conclude that the highest tax bracket should be 6.25 times the percentage of the lowest bracket, which is currently 10 percent. A smoothly progressive system could look like 10% on the first $10,000 of earnings, plus 15% of additional earnings twixt 10 and 50K, plus 20% of additional earnings twixt 50 and 75K, plus 25% of additional earnings twixt 75 and 100K, plus 30% of additional earnings twixt 100 and 200K, plus 40% of additional earnings twixt 200 and 500K, plus 50% of additional earnings twixt 500K and 1M, plus 62.5% of additional earnings twixt 1M and 1 Bazillion. That would get skaters and teachers (and other fine-ish citizens) who make between $37,651 and $50,000 away from the 25% top tax bracket they are currently in to, that they have no business being in, because it is a disproportionately high early gear, (that should be fourth gear), that was no doubt designed to keep ’em down and pay for the unnecessary tax cuts that have been heaped on wealthy whiners… most of whom are crying crocodile tears anyway. Unrealistic bottom line, (disgregarding the deductions can-o-worms), a single filer making 200,000 would still get to keep nearly 17 (instead of 20) times as much as someone making 10,000 would, and someone making 100,000 would still get to keep slightly more than 9 (instead of 10) times as much as someone making 10,000 would, in the above system. Without deductions, someone making 10 would keep 9, someone making 50 would keep 43, someone making 75 would keep 63, someone making 100 would keep 81.75, someone making 200 would keep 151.75, someone making 500 would keep 331.75, someone making 1M would keep 581.75K, 2M would keep 956.75K, and 4M would keep 1,706.75K. And, if not too fussy, they could tell themselves they were still keeping “almost” twice as much as those making half as much… and contributing to a vibrant economic system that isn’t helping corruption to concentrate wealth in the hands of oligarchs like a flat tax in Russia after the fall of commie-nism did. (Not to TOTALLY shit on fixies, though: I’m glad I don’t have to think about shifting on a skateboard… and that’s without riding in an urban environment.)

  5. More skateboarding, less keyboarding. Go Bernie.

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