Brand-X Reborn


Brand-X skateboards are being re-issued! These are hand screened (not heat transfers) made by Watson Laminates, the same company that produced Brand-X boards before they shut down. However, it gets a little tricky here. Bernie Tostenson owned and screened and supervised the original Brand-X, but he sold the company in 1986, but stuck around to supervise until some time in 1989. The company rereleasing these is the one that bought it from Bernie. It’s unclear whether or not these early Brand-X designs were ever produced by Watson, and they do mention having to recreate the separations, a task that I know to be a time consuming one. The decks have an old school truck pattern but will be distinguishable as re-releases by varied color ways on the top graphic as well as being laser etched in editions of 111 each. The first three models are the Knucklehead and two variations of the Weirdo, one on a natural wood that has not actually been released before.


Hand-Screened Decks from Brand-X

“Brand-X is arguably one of the most influential skateboard brands of the 80’s, known for their loud graphics and eye-popping colors. Bernie Tostenson was the man behind the artwork, which always received the highest regards, and which is still highly regarded to this day. Before the brand was discontinued in the late 80’s, the boards were being made here in America, at Watson Laminates. Now, 30 years later, they are making their return, and they are every bit as loud and proud as they were before. Not to mention, they are still being made here in America, at Watson Laminates! It’s hard to go wrong when the original company making these decks is the one making them again today, with superior woods, glues and manufacturing processes. Featuring the same graphics as the originals, the first two decks coming back in action are the Weirdo (“The most colorful and outrageous board on the market!”) and the Knucklehead, but that’s just the start. We’re excited to continue moving forward and bringing these pieces of history back. True classics never die.” – Watson Laminates

Let’s talk about the artwork. We’ve taken on the monumental task of recreating some of the most ambitious screen work ever seen on a skateboard. Most skateboard designs of the 80’s used 4-5 spot colors tops but the Weirdo uses 9 total spots top and bottom and with hand-screened, split-fountain fades the designs can top 11 colors. No cheap heat transfers here. All of our decks are manufactured in excellence.

Each deck will be numbered with laser etching and released in very limited numbers. Once a design, shape & colorway combination is released it will never be produced again. This initial release will be limited to 111 copies of each of the three decks worldwide. Get one while you can.





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  1. I think Watson had more to do with producing the decks, laminating, shapes, concave, wheel wells etc. Bernie would have been the guy screening them and creating the killer artwork. The way I understand it is that they dissolved Brand-X in 89 at which point Bernie went back out on his own and started Triple-X. The Ed Gein & Riot Stick 2 models were some of the last Brand-X graphics and Bernie produced those two decks under Triple-X. The Ed Gein model was produced at at least 3 different companies and I’ve seen three versions of it with different top logos.

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