Denver the last Rad-isaurus?


Bow before my arcane knowledge of useless skateboard related information. This Valterra Rad-isaurus looks suspiciously similar to Denver the Last Dinosaur. Both appear to be released in 1988, although I can’t tell for sure about the Valterra board, the copyright is hard to read. They both appear to be the similar species, and they both wear mohawks and sunglasses, but only the Rad-isaurus has pants. Denver is obscene! Won’t someone please think of the children? Follow me dear readers, and we will tackle the question that archeologists have been pondering for decades: “What happens when a group of pop-a-wheely, BMXer, fun-loving, skateboarding, and rock-music-listening contemporary kids open an ancient dinosaur egg?”

This is a scan from a VHS tape box with a copyright of 1988. This is one episode clocking in at 45 minutes! I think it might be his origin story actually, the launching point for the cartoon series. I have not watched it all the way through yet, but the parts I did see were craptacular. They basically dig up an egg that hatches, and don’t bother to explain how the dinosaur can talk, much less still be alive. If they did explain it, I must have slept through it. In a time honored tradition of newly discovered living oddities, a promoter finds out about Denver and wants to use him to make lots of money. Denver’s crew of skateboarding ad BMX radsters have to save the day with help form Denver of course. I might be making this all up. When I watch it again I’ll come back and correct any plot details I got wrong.


I especially love the little guy with the saxophone and a beret. I guess he would be the other last dinosaur if he actually appeared in the cartoon, but he doesn’t.


More radical action. The kid in the Vans-style foreign legion hat must be riding a dirt board.


The lovely Rad-saurus from the esteemed purveyor of skateboarding goods known in the finer circles of the educated classes as Valterra.


You might think that Rad-isaurus is regular foot, and Denver is goofy foot, but check out the front of Ra-isaurus’ skateboard. Were is the nose? Is he in fact goofy, riding switch? You never see these two in the same skatepark together…


That’s a beefy baseplate.



Ribbed for your pleasure.



  1. Troy on May 6, 2015 - Reply

    A: Grover is hatched

  2. carvin marvin on May 6, 2015 - Reply

    double grab frontside stinkbug grind

  3. talentlessquitter on May 7, 2015 - Reply

    They look suspiciously … unrelated to me. Very different sauruses after a closer look. The yellow blob on your ‘Valterror’ covers a Hawaii flower garland on a ribbed neck.

  4. I scored this board at a garage sale this weekend…literally this exact board & after scouring the internet I believe it’s the only one in existance! Small world…

  5. I have one identical to this without the yellow blob. It is from the 80’s. So yours is not the only one. I thought mine was till I saw this.

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