Mutant Ninja… Frogs?


From the same company that brought you Super Bat Justice Man, comes Ninja Frog on a skateboard. You might notice a similarity to certain Mutant Ninja Turtles. I don’t usually have this sort of encyclopedic knowledge at my fingertips, but the phrase “Non-fall Action” was oddly familiar, so looking it up wasn’t hard. The frog on the left is actually riding a skateboard, although it’s hard to make out. Those are turtles riding skateboards on the right, which is an actual graphic on one of a few different TMNT skateboards. it looks like one of them has a Hosoi knockoff!

Here’s a couple of high quality unboxed Ninja Frog photos from Blogleech. (Notice how I’m not a leech because I am crediting and linking back to source!)


Now brace yourself for a lot of really bad photos from an old auction. Amazingly, the Ninja Frog skateboard with non-fall action is not a popular item.

“This frog stands on skateboard has amazing non-fall action. Go forward & turn right automatically as soon as he comes to an ‘Edge'”

Yes, but will he turn automatically if he comes to a Bono?




If I’m not mistaken, this could be Henchman 21 before he got his gig with the Monarch.


This is the critical origin story of the Mutant Ninja Frog.


Here’s a Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle from 1989. You can buy it for an absurd $144.


We love it when skateboard graphics feature characters riding skateboards.


Check out those neo-hammerhead decks that Mikey and Leo are riding. The truck design with the giant ball is interesting. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen real world trucks that look similar. Sure, it’s likely a bad idea, but we’ve seen wayworse concepts make to market.




  1. talentlessquitter on April 6, 2015 - Reply

    Is that frog sniffing his buddy-frog’s butt?

    Oh, check out Rojas trucks.

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