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Bustyourbuns has the most comprehensive photos of a Skatewing for sale that I’ve ever seen. There’s a reserve still to be met, and hefty $73 shipping charge for this Australian skateboard, even though it ships from California. I’ve got the cheap-o plastic version of this 80’s wacky board, but the wooden one must be a thing to behold. I’m not sure if t’s the same skatewing being passed around or if it was a systematic falling of the manufacturer, but every one I’ve seen pictures of seems to have the same stress fractures covering the entire board. Apparently, the wings were designed by an Australian yacht racer who designed the first winged keel, and so this was some sort of attempt to cash in on his fame beyond the yachting world. Two things I did not know about the skatewing; the wheels were called B52 Wing Commanda’s, and you could join the Commanda’s Club. I guess they weren’t worried about trademark infringement with Sims B52 wheels, but were somehow adverse to using the proper spelling of “commander.” (Update: Sold for $123.50 + $72.89 shipping)

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

From the auction:

Vintage SKATEWING skateboard from Australia. The skateboard was designed by Austraian yachtsman Ben Lexen in the 80’s. He was the yachtsman and marine architect that designed the “winged keel” that was applied to the “Australian II” which, in 1983, became he first non-American yacht to win the prestigious “America’sCup” in 132 years. The skateboard is all original and used, but is in good conition for its age. The deck size is 33″ long x 30″ wide. It has all original ” B52 SKATEWING- B52 Wing Commander” wheels and they measure 2 3/8″ in diameter x 2″ wide.













For your marginally related enjoyment. “Yachting Type” from the Yachts’ 1978 single.


  1. Bustyourbuns here. Shipping actually ended up costing the guy $135.50 to go from California to Virginia. Lowest option possible. I like your site by the way and check it out often. Thanks for liking the board.

  2. JEFF HAWK on May 16, 2016 - Reply

    Hi I live in England I’m after some info on the skate-wing as I just bought one that looks like its from the 80’s and was wondering as to the value thank for any help

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