Junkfood trifecta


Cookies, chips, and soda! Actually, that used to be a diet that sustained me well around the time these boards were made. Check out these skateboards featuring the Keebler Elf, Chester the (Cheetos) Cheetah, and the Coke logo.

This Keebler Elf skateboard dates back to 1991. Check out the crazy exaggerated fishtail on this one and the graphic with the elf riding the very same skateboard on the bottom. I feel like those rails and trucks could be the identifying DNA on the potential manufacturer of this board, so if there are any skateboarding CSI types out there who want to research it, let me know what you find. Are those Nash “Get a Grip” rails? (No, I don’t think so.)



Chester the Cheetah representing Cheetos. This board looks like a Variflex product judging by the lapper and tail skid. The date is unknown, but it’s likely 90’s as well.



This Chester Cheetah plexi sign has a copyright of 2003 on it, and a more modern looking board.


Here’s a really sharp looking Coke deck from 1986, made by Variflex. It’s almost a passible quality pro deck for the day, assuming the wheels roll, but those are NMB bearings so they probably do.

(Note: Max Headroom deck covered here.)





Concave Radcut!



  1. Dan Mason on April 1, 2015 - Reply

    A weird, generic no concave Variflex complete was my first ever set up. OK to learn on, and at 11 years old, I didn’t know any better.

  2. Dave Petz on January 3, 2016 - Reply

    I still have most of the nmb singapore bearings from my first real-ish deck, a variflex vectra 2 from 1987 or so. They outlated everything else by more than 25 years.

    Never been cleaned, still spin like champs.

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