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There’s certainly no shortage of skateboarding documentaries, but I wouldn’t mind seeing one on the larger history of Powell, the company and the man. Stacy Peralta put together this short 4 minute video that plays like a mix between a trailer and a marketing piece for Powell. For me, one of the more interesting things about the footage are the teasing glimpses of their manufacturing equipment and process. Everybody knows how skateboards are made, but everyone does it a little bit differently. Make it longer Stacy!

– Via Tim Jamison on Facebook.


  1. talentlessquitter on February 21, 2015 - Reply

    Don’t know if apalled or admiring. George is a great business mind but I still have mixed feelings about the stream of Bones Brigade re-issues. (But if it sells, it sells, I guess.)
    Kudo’s for continuing to score with 30-year old graphics. It’s like marketing a Chevy Caprice Classic.
    I see PP is also flirting with the precision RKP-truck market? I hadn’t seen this one yet. Nice teaser. Oh, and These wheels are expensive. OK, I’m done.

  2. talentlessquitter on February 21, 2015 - Reply

    And stop waving that outdated looking longboard in front of the camera, George.

  3. Pig city on February 22, 2015 - Reply

    Man that video makes Powell seem like a company for old dudes…which I suppose it is these days. all I see are old white haired guys some faceless middle age office/ accounts boss

  4. That guy standing next to George P., in the video still above, has been
    working for Powell since the 80’s. He makes an appearance in the “Future
    Primitive” video (making boards and in the downhill scene).

    Powell must be a decent / fair place to work if he’s been there for so many
    years. I like their products. At least they haven’t gone as hokey as NHS (Santa
    Cruz). Star Wars boards? Come on!

    That being said; this video, while interesting, still reeks of some IPO propaganda type piece.

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