The Skateboard Kid


The Skateboard Kid was released in 1993, but views more like 1989. It’s the heartwarming story of a bullied kid who builds a motorized skateboard that gets hit by lightning and comes to life. If it sounds bad, like the storyline had little to n thought put into it, don’t worry, because the skateboard talks, has eyes from the RC car shell that was grafted on, and can use the speed controller as a sort of prehensile tail. And it flies… sometimes. And it plays baseball. And it features a wholly disinterested and possibly inebriated Dom DeLuise as the voice of the skateboard. This movie is so very bad. Somehow Timothy Busfield signed on as the lead, and respected producer Don Was produced and cowrote some of the awful (sometimes skateboard-centric) original soundtrack. Check out Skateboard Phreak, Thrasher, Skyboardin’, and Nosegrind. Make sure you stick around of the cringeworthy “music video” for Hard to Find by Trashkittens over the closing credits. At an hour and seventeen minutes, the skateboard scenes are a little bit too sparse to be as good of a bad movie as Thrashin’, which is definitely a production level above the Skateboard Kid. I don’t recognize any of the skateboarding cast or stunt doubles, it was the 90’s after all. New Concorde (Roger Corman) films must have made some money off it, because they made a sequel. You can watch the full video after the jump, for as long as it remains online. The youtube account owner claims “*No Copyright Infringement Intended” so that makes it legal, right?

– Thanks to BPA for the tip.


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  1. @skatchface on January 28, 2015 - Reply

    I remember watching this movie at my friends house on HBO, we were big fans of Dom Deluise and skateboarding so we were all in, and subsequently let down.

    Many years later, we met the Tim Busfield dude at a skate contest in NYC at the old LES skatepark maybe in 2008 or so (Before it got the concrete makeover). He was a nice guy, down to earth, and down for skateboarding…

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