Mitsubishi and the Faction


This commercial for the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GTV features two interesting things; A mother nagging her son to wear his helmet and a soundtrack by The Faction! I would have been more amazed by this had it not been for the fact that bands like the Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, and the Buzzcocks have already appeared (via soundtrack) in commercials. Actual skate rock for a skateboarding scene in a commercial? I guess that is unexpected.

[Source: – via Doc SkateRock]

Video quality is low res… I haven’t seen it on TV yet, and this was all that is available at the time of publishing. The song is incorrectly labeled as “Let them Play” in the source.

The Faction – The Kids Are the Future


  1. Jeff Langhans on February 8, 2015 - Reply

    I was blown away when I saw this ad. I was like really??? A Faction song on a Mitsubishi ad??? I had to rewind the DVR. I’m friends with these guys. I have the record, yes, record,that this song is on. Absolutely amazing. This tune came out in like 1985. Very cool…

  2. Chris Freeman on October 22, 2015 - Reply

    Wow, super rad, I remember hearing an interview with Rollins where he was convincing people to stop bitching about their favorite bands “selling out” because they heard a Stooges song or a Clash song on a commercial. Wouldn’t you rather hear The Faction that Watch Me Whip?

  3. houseofneil on October 26, 2015 - Reply

    yeah but have you seen the commercial for one of those halloween stores? (maybe Party City, can’t remember). It takes The Vapors mighty “Turning Japanese” and turn it into “Turning Halloween”. It’s horrific. I sincerely hope that Dave Fenton et al cashed in…

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