Additions to Lakeside, Pokhara Skate Park in Nepal


Recent additions to Pokhara Skate Park in Nepal, which has been around since 2011. Who knew? I mean, besides the skaters in Nepal.

– Thanks to Adlan Farazi for the tip.


  1. Everybody in Asia knows. FELEM dudes know about it, Grindline dudes, Team Pain, Lesque, Magenta, Preduce, etc.

    Ram C Koirala is the dude responsible for doing this. Hes building that park all by himself for the skateboarders of Nepal. He is the first skateboarder in Nepal and all he wants is for skateboarding to be accessible in Nepal.

    Much better than Thailand where a one flatbar on a driveway is considered a “skatepark”.

    Everybody from Thailand knows about this, we’ve been sending used skateboards over there to help their scene for a while now. Shawn Ward is responsible for this, he himself has helped the scene there tremendously. Theres only love.


    • The Nice Police on January 17, 2015 - Reply

      Hey, (…while you’re here), look, we don’t hate Mormonism, (or at least don’t think Mormons are “shark mouthed, block headed” so-and-so’s like Rudyard Kipling did when he visited the Wild West)… especially Mormons who skate… so, don’t be hatin on Shia, like you did elsewhere here… at least not if you meet a practitioner who skates. Or hey, the Beastie Boys might come back from the dead, to mock you instead of the Bad Brains’ HR as a “Knight of Schism”.

  3. Thanks Roger, thanks for all the love from skate people from Thailand, and yes Shawan been the man. There will be more park coming in Nepal soon.

  4. Ujwol Dangol on March 15, 2015 - Reply

    Awesome 🙂

  5. Lex Dowley on October 24, 2016 - Reply

    Hi, just found this and thought i might update the info as this is my photo.

    Ram C supplied the land but the actual park was build and designed by Myself and Gautham D Kamath. The labour was completed by all the skaters in the community. Donations were collected from various skateboard scenes all over the world. This was definitely built for Ram and not by Ram.

    The only reason i want to comment on this is because i do believe this was only possible thanks to the local community and especially Gatham and i have not yet read anything regarding these people and credit is due.

    The park was built in 2014. Ram built the first skate park in 2011 but this one is completely different (and better).

    if anyone is after any information regarding skateboarding and helping in Nepal. I would love to hear from you as im about to go back for my 4th skateboarding trip and currently collecting skateboard product to take over!

    Always stoked to hear people interested. my email is


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