That Guy: Chris Pulman


The chances of me knowing who Chris Pulman is were pretty slim, him being a professional skateboard from the UK in 90’s… and I honestly had no idea that he was an am for Foundation and an ex-pro for Heroin, Independent and Vans. After watching a half an hour of footage (broken up into 3 segments) I can’t say that I wasted any time. “That Guy” is part of a series on skateboarders in the UK from Pixels TV. Looks like it was made with some help from Independent. Chris Pulman as a first choice seems a pretty good one, even if you don’t remember him. Watch ’em all after the jump, plus the bonus footage “Pigeon” from 1999, a video of the Southsea skate scene filmed in and around Portsmouth and London.

“In the British scene Chris may have been an unconventional pro but his trick selection and unique style earnt him a following and his influence can be felt to this day. We took Chris back to Wales to talk about his early days of skateboarding and his first coverage.”

“This episode tells the story of the early days of Heroin, it’s relationship to Stockwell skatepark in London and Chris turning pro. Cameos from Heroin founder Fos and Seth Curtis.”

“This final episode delves into the stories behind his video parts and looks to the future with his new company Descent Skateboards. Cameos from Heroin founder Fos and Seth Curtis.”

BONUS: ‘Pigeon’ (1999)

“The ‘Pigeon’ video was a collaboration between Southsea skaters Paul Gonella, Keith Martin and Chris Pulman back in later 1998 and very early 1999. The video was filmed in and around Portsmouth and in London and features parts by many of the skaters who were part of the Southsea skate scene at that time. Filming was done by Paul and Keith over 1998 and the film was edited on two VCRs above the old Bored store in Elm Grove in January 1999. The film was premiered in the India Arms pub in Southsea and then sold in Bored.
Some of the music used was written and created by the skaters in the video including songs by Paul Tambini and Gorm.”


  1. Great find ! Thx Kilwag ! – Dug out by yourself or with the help of Neil ?

  2. Really stoked on these. Great find.

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