Light + board = Lightbohrd


Another skateboard with LED lights, but this one has a little more to it. The Lighbohrd has the battery built into the board and induction charging via licensed Power Mat technology. The lights mimic an automobile, white in from, red in the back, but they also light up specific areas of the board graphics and the lighting intensity and even flashing patters can be controlled by rubbing a magnet over the board. So this is nifty and all… but they don’t expect the skateboard market to make them rich. Lightboard technology has been integrated into snowboards and clothing as well. So they’ve got a business plan, but they haven’t thought out the awkwardly spelled product name and web domain, and once you get to the Lighbohrd web site there aren’t a lot actual pictures of the board. Even so, the Lightbohrd does have the dubious honor of being the “coolest lighted skateboard” to date.

– Thanks to Orezona for the tip.



  1. orezona on June 16, 2014 - Reply

    Ouch. First two comments are spambots?

    Anyways, a friend told me about this because he knows the owners, apparently. I was extremely skeptical until I actually checked it out and was surprised because I hadn’t seen anything like it before and it looks to be pretty well engineered.

    And yes, for a gimmicky skateboard that lights up, it’s the “coolest” one I’ve seen as of yet.

    • Yeah spambots, removed. Filter is letting more through lately, not sure why.

    • poibutt on June 17, 2014 - Reply

      A friend told me about this, but I was extremely skeptical until I checked out this blog. I like your gimmicky skateboard blog: It is the coolest one I’ve seen, and looks to be pretty well engineered.

      • Good one, I thought this was spam until I saw the email. Your comments are well thought out and interesting, can I subscribe to them? BTW, check out my nutritional extract web site.

        • grumpy poibutt on June 18, 2014 - Reply

          Artificial intelligence robot bidets that kiss/suck our bottoms, physically and verbally… that’s what we’ve got to look forward to in our old age.

  2. Ive got a slogan to go with that lame confusing name. (insert enthusiastic velvet announcer voice) “LightBohrd!” “Now You Can Trip the Light Fantastic!”

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