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Now that Disney owns the franchise, Star Wars merchandise is in every… well I guess it’s always been heavily merchandised. Two major skateboard brands in one year though, that’s highly saturated. Now you can put on a pair of Star Wars themed Vans while riding your Star Wars themed skateboard. They made a video commercial to promote it, I don’t know if it’s airing anywhere besides the interwebs, but the best part is all the cameos. In fact, lets list them in the comments, shall we? Just leave the running time and the personality in the comments, one lucky skate-archaeologist will win a free Star Wars themed Skate and Annoy T-shirt, which is to say a regular Skate and Annoy t-shirt that my dog slept on, leaving the impression that a Wookie wore it. Ok, that last bit can be optional. I’ll send you a clean one if you want. You can enter as many times as you want, one cameo per time code, and no repeats please. If somebody is called out already then that person won’t be counted again. The commercial is well enough done, although they probably should have been set in in 1977 or 78 instead of 1980 to be more historically accurate.

UPDATE: I’ll take historical inaccuracies as well as cameos for entry into the t-shirt drawing.


  1. Scotty on May 12, 2014 - Reply

    John Lucero in a white J. Mascis style white wig at 0:13.

    • David ODK on May 12, 2014 - Reply

      Speaking of Lucero, I see a white t-shirt with the Black Label flame logo at 0:01 …

  2. Tony Alva at the 40 second mark, cheering and wearing a stupid hat with buttons on iton…

  3. ding dong on May 12, 2014 - Reply

    :20, cab in wookkie suit.

  4. Righteous run by Hosoi at 0:08 mark

  5. :40 Mr. Vans himself , Steve Van Doren .

  6. :05/:06 Grosso in the white SC shirt with red color

  7. At 7 seconds in it says “1980” and a guy is hitting his tail on the ground giving Holmes props. Um, nobody did that back then.

  8. NWForty on May 12, 2014 - Reply

    Pat Ngoho (First Judge) – 0:10

  9. seedy on May 12, 2014 - Reply

    Salba with the mirrored wayfarers on at the beginning and then he high-fives grom-baca at the 1-minute mark.

  10. Brock75 on May 12, 2014 - Reply

    wee man and pancho moler @ 0:27?!

  11. That “soul” surfer Alex Knost playing a stoner.

  12. Historical inaccuracy: Chewbacca lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and presumably wouldn’t be alive to attend this contest.

    And of course the board the wookie is riding is way too nose-heavy and concaved for a 1980 setup.

  13. David ODK on May 12, 2014 - Reply

    00:01 the street park behind

  14. David ODK on May 12, 2014 - Reply

    00:38 Hosoi Hammerhead deck ad, the board is from around 1985

  15. Rocky George’s Pittsburgh Pirates hat from his Suicidal Tendencies days at 0:33.

  16. Music should be Devo, and everyone should have major pad rot

  17. houseofneil on May 13, 2014 - Reply

    Great video. I really enjoyed it. Good stuff.

  18. Okay, so Hosoi doesn’t look gross in the real world today, just age appropriate, but put him in that context, and it looks frighteningly like how young woman may see us (or at least how their arrested-development mothers see us?).

  19. sk8mecca on May 13, 2014 - Reply

    Just say no

  20. Livmo on May 14, 2014 - Reply

    So for being 1980 and probably the height of the half-shirt era, I only saw one… Grosso at :05, :25, and :59

  21. orezona on May 16, 2014 - Reply

    Holmes thanks Yoda and the Force for his run at 0:13…

  22. orezona on May 16, 2014 - Reply

    Historical inaccuracy: Hot chick in the Vans ’66 raglan doesn’t have hairsprayed super bangs @ 0:43

  23. orezona on May 16, 2014 - Reply

    Historical inaccuracy: Salba has a Spitfire sticker on his helmet which is 7 years too early for that to be possible in 1980 @ 1:02.

  24. orezona on May 16, 2014 - Reply

    Omar Hassan high fives Hosoi at 0:08.

  25. orezona on May 16, 2014 - Reply

    Last one: Peter Hewitt (with the Devo sticker on his hockey helmet) at 1:16.

  26. The chick in Vans 66 raglan @0:42 is Vans team surfer Leila Hurst.

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