Merchandising of memory


The two works are Unknown Pleasures and Closer. And that’s it. Everything else, is merchandising. Merchandising of memory.

Chances are,if you see anything with the name Joy Division on it that isn’t music, a book or a movie, it’s a bootleg. The quote above is from the 2007 documentary Joy Division which you can (and should) watch for free on Hulu, at least for now. The quote appears in the last few minutes of the film and the speaker is off camera so I’m not sure who it is. The image of a Joy Division inspired skateboard is superimposed over a famous band photo for a few brief seconds during the quote, which I thought was an unusual choice. It could have been used as commentary on Joy Division’s cultural appeal spanning the decades from the 70’s to the new millennium, implying the music is still modern. They might have chosen a skateboard because it looked more interesting than a bootleg t-shirt. Then again, maybe the skateboard in question was designed by an astronomy fan.

REVISION: The Hacienda sells licensed Joy Division coffee cups. Err… right.

Link to Pocket Pistols Pedro Barros Unknown Pleasures graphic mentioned int he comments.


  1. That was my idea. The tea cups not the skateboard.

  2. Ian Curtis ruined my little boy’s movie for ever more.

  3. houseofneil on March 18, 2014 - Reply

    those decks are expensive. Hundreds of $. Limited art pieces.

  4. houseofneil on March 18, 2014 - Reply

    and Pocket Pistols has a pro deck that uses the Unknown Pleasures cover.

  5. houseofneil on March 18, 2014 - Reply

    and the fucking hacienda was a hipster shithole. I was there bout 5 times. Saw the gun club, Chameleons, Psychedelic furs there amongst others. I couldn’t wait to leave the loathsome place after the bands were done. It’s been mythologized but was nothing more than an old factory with yellow and black tape and silver paint.

  6. Neil

    Did you forget to take your E?



    • houseofneil on March 19, 2014 - Reply


      • You implying that Dear Old Drone is jealous he didn’t see the Psychedelic Furs?

        • houseofneil on March 20, 2014 - Reply

          in 83 on the Talk Talk Talk tour? sure. And the Gun Club definitely. But that’s ok. XXX’s Dear Old Mum probably doesn’t go out at night. No friends you see…

          • ??? on March 20, 2014 -

            Triple X Dear Old Mom is everybody’s friend… but even she probably wouldn’t have done the Psychedelic Furs. Shit, when it comes to going and seeing a who-invited-THEM? band, I’d choose Ten Pole Tudor over them every time. Hell, so would have the Gun Club, probably, just for eh?. Though I’m sure TPD is on your not-right shitlist.

          • Dick Lexic on March 20, 2014 -

            Ah yes, Ten Pole Dutor.

  7. Gobblehoof on March 19, 2014 - Reply

    Oh neil were you a member of the long mac brigade? Shame on you!!!

  8. I am only interested in the Durutti Column.



    • houseofneil on March 21, 2014 - Reply

      poor old Vinni Reilly. He’s in a really bad state physically.

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