This is a thing. What is this thing?


It’s been floating around eBay for a while, disappearing for a year or so and then reappearing with the same pictures if I’m not mistaken. It’s always at a price that would seem reasonable if it were in fact something that anybody knew anything about and was collectable. However, nobody seems to want to fork over $100 for something that seems to have absolutely no historical reference. It’s nature suggests that it might be a hand made one-off item, but then again, that strange metal plate doesn’t seem like it would be stock for anything I can recognize. Google it, and you’ll get pages of the auction description re-listed. On the Rat Rods Bikes forum someone linked to a patent from 1999, but I would have guessed this is older than that. I can’t even find anything on the Welin roller skate truck online. Is this skateboard-related? Maybe only marginally, but at least it’s not this. I’ve got an email into the National Roller Skating Museum to see if they know anything. As a side note, did you know Sure Grip International is still around?









  1. Half unicycle half rolerskate

  2. relax and sit down. and roll. And compress your genitals when trying to use the “front” pivot. The other way round sharpen the metal hub and cut it off neet & quick down the hill.
    Great thing ! The world smallest Luge !

  3. Sure Grip has been part of Bravo (hence some Kryptonics Route in the outdoor section) for a few years.

  4. Dave iLL on January 22, 2014 - Reply

    A Dollie for a musical instrument like a cello.

  5. That metal plate has got to be to protect your hands when you hold on. Ingenious! The loop, for a rope? How is this not being marketed on youtube as the next big radical thing?

    I actually remember kids in India buttboarding down hills on metal wheeled strap on roller skates. Was kind of a big deal. There were even kids who doubled up on one skate. I still don’t know how that worked. They are grown up by now and probably wondering why they can’t have kids.

  6. skaterdave on January 27, 2014 - Reply

    Ab roller

  7. i remember those

    that plate in the front was a “brake”

    you squeezed it against the seat by your junk and the other end of it rubbed against the wheels “slowing” you down

    theoretically it was a cool idea

    in practice it really sorta sucked – you were better off just sitting on your board and draggin’ your feet

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