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Lots of days off over the holidays, lots of days spent entering in old reviews from the static HTML pages, and doing a bit of coding to present them nicely. Still a bit of tidying up to do, but you know the saying here in the S&A tech department. You don’t? Well here’s how it goes: Good enough for now! Re-uploading images and rereading some of these reviews made me chuckle. The review that came up last in the skateboarding section was from back in 2006! I think that’s right about the time I started blogging. Static HTML… what a drag! I thought about ditching the old ones completely but I decided to leave them in, they are sometimes sort of interesting from a historical standpoint. Some of the oldest reviews go back to when I was not getting much traffic on the site. Some date back to 1997! Timely? Hardly, but there’s something like 250+ reviews, so how else am i going to get people to send me new stuff? Needless to say, there are probably a lot of dead links for bands and websites that don’t exist anymore. I’ve got old ass static HTML features that I’m going to port over too, even more hilarious and very isolated, as if I’m writing for 10 people or so that I already knew, which I was… Seeing that old review for a Merde Skateboards board was jarring because Merde folded unceremoniously last year… or was it two years ago? I discovered that I had a Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck review ready to go that Danimal wrote. I had his text and some pictures, and the skeletal structure of the HTML directory ready, just never got around to putting it together. During the photo session for the review (really trying to make sure Swank got got his money’s worth) Dan was doing some lien to tails and consistently hitting his back wheels on the coping. Yikes. Amazingly, Billy Marks is still on the team some 6 years later. I hope you enjoy reading a never before published review of something you can no longer buy. Thanks to Tod Swank for hooking us up. Our Swank re-interview is another one I need to port over to WordPress. I’ll let you know when I do.


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