Mersedes Bends

Mersedes Bends skateboard

If I didn’t know better I’d think this was a gag from GVK. The ad copy is absurd. “The ol’ Mersedes Bends Skatboard Factory?” Seriously? Even if “skateboard” wasn’t misspelled, that would still be a bit much. Twenty dollars will buy you the hottest skateboard you’ve ever seen. Star wheels designed by freestyle champ Ed Nadalin normally sell for $79.95 each (yes, each) but through this ad you can get a complete set for only $12. That’s an amazing 97% discount! Pre-designed configural CAMBER-FLEX? They make a big deal about including sealed bearings, so you know it must be 1976, and it is. Volume 3, Number 1, which is the October 1976 issue of Skateboarder Magazine. My best friend in grade school nada plastic board with a Mercedes logo relief on top, but no name visible anywhere. It always impressed me as a kid. We all called it the Mercedes Benz board. I’m surprised Skateboarder agreed to print this advertisement, it would be the same thing as Thrasher running an ad for Nash…. Oh wait, they actually did that all the time.

Bask in the glory that is the Mersedes Bends 313 ST model.

Mersedes Bends

The Mersedes Bends skateboard comes with:

  • A handsome surfboard shape in a popular 24 inch length
  • Pre-designed configural CAMBER-FLEX
  • Made of the highest quality polypropylene
  • Double thick runners for structural rigidity
  • Porous non-skid board for maximum foot control
  • Championship designed kicktail

Mersedes Bends

Add to this, the finest TRUCK AND ASSEMBLY ever made:

  • The highly polish ACS 430 aircraft aluminum-magnesium alloy die-cast trucks, that make every other truck obsolete. Precision engineering and rugged construction combine to give you the maximum performance and super strength.
  • The ONLY truck with a lifetime guarantee against breakage

Mersedes Bends

Here’s the designer of the Star wheels, Ed Nadalin from his appearance on a Donn Russ All-Pro Skateboard trading card, circa 76.

Ed Nadalin skateboard trading card


  1. talentlessquitter on December 18, 2013 - Reply

    Cool but I prefer my Kadillac Bleedwood..

  2. … or my Italian Stallion …

  3. Hey, I was doing some surfing looking up about these boards as I came across one. Have to tell you, it’s a decent board. I rode boards in the 70′s and 80′s, and it’s as good as any of the plastic boards from the time, and better than probably any that are being produced today (2014). The trucks and wheels on the one I got are not original though. An awesome board for a retro ride. Nash, you have to give them credit for being one, if not THE, most prolific manufacturer of skateboards for the common man. I respect Nash… a lot. I also hate bandaid boards and sandpaper on the top of my board, LoL

  4. Wait,… I wasn’t done. OBviously, the “Skatboarding” is a typo. Could be the kid who sent it to the ad agency,… or the printers… or the magazine itself. Who knows. But the 79.95 is also a typo… I’ve seen this ad in other magazines and there were no typos. FYI.

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