Astronauts Guide to Life


Chris Hadfield has a new book titled An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth. The astronaut on the cover is on a skateboard, as is the astronaut in the promo video his son made. Good stuff all around. I guess I should have said “The Right Stuff.”

[Source: Metro]

Book Cover


Stills from the promo video.





  1. Astronauts are already cool as a rule, and this guy likes Bowie and skateboarding…

    • Dennis Tek or someone, who grew up in Detroit and made his (underground) fame in Australia in Radio Birdman, tried to become an astronaut after coming back and being a flight surgeon or something in the Navy, but it would have required a THIRD degree, so he didn’t, you know, get around to it. I forget what production skate video their great song “Hand of Law” was in… but it’s a safe bet he thinks Phil Collins is a narrow-minded hack.

  2. Rad astronaut costume.

  3. joe rogan podcast has an intervew with the author

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