Beercan Boards


Skateboards made from recycled aluminum. There’s no guarantee it was a beer can in a past life, but Beercan Boards sound better than “Diet Pepsi can Boards.” They’ve taken the old aluminum death plank board of yesteryear and upgraded it with a channel beam which I assumed was to give it stiffness, but it turns out that’s also part of the “TruckTrax” system that allows you to micromanage your wheelbase to your OCD heart’s content. Who needs that? Downhill guys, of course. The boards aren’t even expensive compared to their wooden brethren. Right now, the corporate site only features downhill boards, but Keystone Skate Supply also has some more traditional shapes. I don’t know if those are also traditionally priced because Keystone’s web site is kind of jacked. To help preserve the ends, Beercan boards have “bottle caps” made from 100% recycled milk jugs. In the event that you do wear it out, you can recycle your recycled board and get a new one for $40. I’ve never seen one or ridden one, but the concept seems pretty solid, especially given the target audience. If I had a beef it would be that those concaves look a little clunky. It’s all made from extruded aluminum, so the concaves seem to have a very defined bend point even though the side profiles can look more organic. Replacement tips are $20 a set, which seems steep, but they are custom to each board design and I haven’t priced out the machining cost of the molds. Of course there was a Kickstarter campaign, somehow we missed that one. The video is pretty flat. Interesting that they are trying to diversify a business that makes custom auto parts. I’m not getting a vibe that these guys actually skate. For instance, there’s no pictures of anybody actually skating on these things.













  1. Daymond Dodge on October 16, 2013 - Reply

    Notice the video he puts the truck on backwards ! ha ha . Cool concept though

  2. Tried and approuved this summer : nice boards, intelligent trax system (except on drop thru …), nice shapes & colours.
    Equiped with Paris look alike and good sliding Labeda made wheels.
    Marketing seems a bit like a worldwide conspiracy : canadian made, distributed by France-based Estonian Darja in Europe.
    Democratic price and nice boards – what else ?

  3. talentlessquitter on October 16, 2013 - Reply

    The shapes, the tri-concave, the expensive nose bones; Original longboards.

    Still, nice concept though, seen worse. Don’t need the variable wheelbase.

  4. “[…]that allows you to micromanage your wheelbase to your OCD heart’s content.” now that single sentence is the best piece of writing I’ve stumbled across in a long time. I figuratively burst out into a “laugh out loud”, bravo!

  5. Inserting any fingers through those handholds seems like a bad idea. I’d call them Knucklebusters or Filange Removers. I give them a lot of props for using recycled materials and not adding a huge green tax onto the price. I’d to see how they ride myself.

  6. gohan on June 17, 2015 - Reply

    I wonder if i could open glass pop bottles

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