Lays ups the ante


Lays Deep Ridge potato chips has a commercial running in the Netherlands featuring an ant dropping into some spud vert, attempting some sort of body varial (it’s hard to see exactly what’s going on) and then bailing with a parachute à la Bob Burnquist in the Grand Canyon. (Should that be “à le” for a masculine Bob Burnquist?)

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip. (He says he still can’t get S&A to come up where he lives… Anyone in the Netherlands reading this?)

The play by play.

Here he comes over the hump. Not too bad style.

Stick it!

Little tiny feet!

A small fortune in Pro Designs…

There’s a punk rocker hiding under that beanie.

Good thing those transitions are big. Anybody know what durometer wheels work best on potato chip plies?

Rare 3rd person “up the transition” footage as opposed to the standard over the shoulder drop in.

Body varial thingy. Hard to tell what he’s doing there with all those extra limbs.

Bail to parachute.


  1. “à la …” is perfect (invariable).

  2. Vieux sans espoir sur planche à roulettes on June 21, 2013 - Reply

    “à la” Is the correct spelling. I think it’s short for “à la mode de…”, which means “in the fashion of…”

  3. “on les plante avec les genoux
    “à la mode , à la mode,
    “à la mode de chez nous
    “You !

    Dr Skaterock, are you listening ?

  4. I’m from The Netherlands no problem getting on S&A here (on phone, pc and Mac)

  5. May have success pointing his/her’s DNS to google’s openDNS servers.

  6. From the Netherlands also! But I’d really like to know what song they’ve used for this commercial. The punk-ish song. Anyone?

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