The History of Skateboarding in 2 Minutes


Guido Sty Rizzone made edited footage and photos to show the history of skateboarding in 2 minutes, and did a good job. Go ahead, you’ve only got 2 minutes to lose.

– Thanks to Matthijs for a tip.


  1. 50 years in 2’… brilliant !
    (ps: where is the longboard ?)

    • longboardssuck69 on November 13, 2013 - Reply

      longboards suck they do not fit the skateboarding lifestyle so nooooooo no longboards

  2. You quit in the 90s on March 5, 2013 - Reply

    Not bad but it missed the bitter old men who quit in the 90s and then re-started with the advent of the Z-boys doco but continued to whinge about whether street or vert was more relevant (manly.)

    • Hard to show that in 2 seconds or less…

    • Eine Stein on March 5, 2013 - Reply

      I really don’t think the zzzz boys mockumentary got any oldsters onto boards who weren’t already… just bamboozled some random teens in search of a soul… and did not make much impression on pre-teens who already skate transition better than the clowns of the 90’s and 70’s.

      • Eine Stein on March 5, 2013 - Reply

        (And yet, as goofy as the dogboys were, I don’t think they would have accepted the existence of a market driver as pffft as World Industries… so you get THAT distinction.)

      • houseofneil on March 7, 2013 - Reply

        sure if did. There were tons of them, all showing up at the park with new setups. Most gave up after one or two sessions. But you could see them for months later wearing dogtown t-shirts and vans.

        • Eine Stein on March 9, 2013 - Reply

          To quote a Vietnamese Aussie girl, “Shit, son”… I guess people down here (Flarda, not Australia) just know their place… and wouldn’t try pulling that kind of thing.

    • Glenn on March 7, 2013 - Reply

      When did skaters become such judgemental cunts? By the way, you’re wrong about ‘the 90s’, most people who might have been inspired by the DT documentary had quit by 1980, I was one of the last three skaters in my home town when they tore down the skatepark in ’81 and got back on a board again regularly nearly 20 years later when my son could stand on a board, well before the movie came out.

      I notice the 2 minutes also doesn’t make a big feature of the millions of 14 year olds who turned up at skateparks after playing THPS and stood still between the ramps trying to ollie for a few sessions before fucking off forever either 🙂

      • darrin on March 7, 2013 - Reply

        I did notice the video game clips near the end… Although, there are a lot of kids that still skate and were stoked enough by those games to get out and try it something new…and some of them still skate. This is no different than seeing a magazine or watching a video and trying something new. I have friends who I have skated with since the 80s that refer to a one-foot-ollie or an ollie-one-foot as an ollie-north which is a direct influence from THPS.

  3. You Quit in the 90s... on March 10, 2013 - Reply

    A shit tonne of older vert based quit in the 90s. There’s no question. In some ways, who can blame them. It was hard to get decent sized wheels and boards and parks were few and far between. Many of these quitters were re-inspired about the same time the parks came back and the documentaries started to be pumped out. Perhaps,some of these dudes are the ones on Skull and Bones who describe some decks as ‘popsicles’ and street skating as ‘that fillipity hoppity shit.’

    • Not Quite on May 5, 2013 - Reply

      The ones who don’t know shit are doomed to repeat it. Outside of Kook County, where you apparently are from, nobody took it back up because of the mockumentaries… and the park boom that did get a lot of people back into it came along half a decade before the mockumentaries, which wouldn’t even have been made if not for the effects of the park boom. And, the park boom came about because people hadn’t quit vert skating in private, and were ready to build transitions as soon as the liability laws changed. I’m sorry if you get tweaked because chicks ignore your mad street skills, but just try to work some mad speed into your mad tricks, and they’ll perk right up, and you can stop this weird backhanded stroking of yourself.

  4. cool but not very accurate if its meant to be a timeline

  5. Wow! My whole skateboarding life just passed before my eyes.

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