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Hot Dog Magazine’s premier issue features Mork and Mindy on the cover. Although published by Scholastic in 1979, the skateboard that Pam Dawber is riding looks like mid 70’s to me. It’s almost like they put a wider board on those tiny trucks to help her stay on. Issue #1 doesn’t have hide nor hair of a skateboard within the meager 24 pages, although the issue I procured didn’t have the “Free Poster Inside,” so maybe it was a larger or alternate version of the cover. Can anyone confirm? I remember Hot DOg as a kid, but I don’t think it was ever a serious contender for the 800 pound gorilla of pre-teen magazines, Dynamite.


  1. Shazbot.

  2. we had that hanging in my elementary schools art room.

  3. Once “Mork”, always Mork. Funny how someone in ‘comedy’ played in such a piece of %^&^% f’ing film where he (per direction of the script/masters!!) dresses up like a woman….. in order to see HIS OWN KIDS. (FYI; Mrs. Doubtfire)

    Burn Holywood Burn comes to mind… Even the ‘action heros’ killing thousands of ‘actors’ (PEOPLE) never made me so pissed as “Mork-fire”. Luckily, TV/movies/propaganda from ‘them’…… thing of the past and this is great example of “how come?”.

    “They” crossed the line of ‘civility’ with that ‘program’.

    I might have a party for Mork….. when he f’ing dies!!

  4. wow! robin williams brings up some serious psychological issues for ya, huh? tell the truth, youve written him a few thousand emails/letters about this before now, havent you.

    • to mike d: “Mork brings up some serious psychological issues”

      Did you understand any part of the post? Look, read maybe!

      dresses up like a woman….. in order to see HIS OWN KIDS

      Obviously the above meant nothing to you. Dressing up like a woman in order to see one’s child(ren) is…. F’ING INSANE….. but BS like that happens to dads all over the ‘western world’.
      What are you in the middle east (where dads don’t get so f’ed). I take it your mom & dad are still together? And it is an easy bet that you have no kids. Thus no real experience other than internet BSing.

      I on the other hand do have one son and know how F’ed dads get in family court. In other words, I have real life experience. Lastly to your “your crazy bla bla”. I actually was fairly recently forced to “be interviewed” by a REAL psychologist before being released from a Swedish hospital after a serious event. She said I am fine, but if you disagree from one short posting…. wait did you even go to college, degree in what?????

      Wrote some emails, WTF? I posted on S&A under 10 times in years, come on back to the real world (or in your case, back to TV?).

  5. I liked Jonathon Winters playing as Mork’s baby.

  6. Pam Dawber was hot!

    • SteveAsat on March 5, 2014 - Reply

      Yeah, back in 1979 I would have been all “OMG Mork!” and now I’m entirely “ugh, Robin WIlliams not being Popeye” with a surprising large helping of “hey, I gotta find someone on YouTube who edits episodes of Mork & Mindy down to just the Pam Dawber parts.”

  7. sheltered on February 21, 2013 - Reply

    I once heard Jonathon Winters on the radio talking about his “Mork” days. He’d down about a 5th of scotch and Robin Williams was snorting who knows how much coke. He said it was hysterical.

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