Diamond Grind


Yeah, yeah, pool coping is the way to go, but if you have to go with metal coping, Diamond Grind might be worth checking out. It appears to give you a little grab without sticking. I’ve never seen or ridden it in person, but the video makes it seem like it might be a good thing. Plus, you can’t put pool coping on a rail.


  1. It is good stuff. I was at that session with the flat bar in the upper right corner, much better on a quarter than a rail but still fun regardless. FSGs feel great.

  2. that stuff is super rad, yeah its no sub for pool block but it gives a really nice GRRRRRRR to a grind on metal coping.

  3. We LOVE our Diamond Grind coping on TheBarnacle mini-ramp (4’h x 20’w).

    It is fast and surprisingly not sticky at all on grinds or slides. But still gives the perfect grip for no slip pivots. Just as easy to grind as regular pipe, only with DG, you can FEEL it!

    The ONLY downside is it IS loud. If ya got close neighbors to your ramp, they will not be happy with your new coping, but you most certainly WILL be.

    Christian (DG proprietor) is one cool cat too. Skates his ass off! (Seriously, he’s a skinny bugger.)

  4. heyitstheoldguy on February 22, 2013 - Reply

    shits the best –have a length on my bowl. rather hit it then the pool coping. Good stuff and christian rocks

  5. Diamond Grind rules. Christian Kills!

  6. Skated it in CO. Makes a nice sound. Link below (assuming not blocked):

  7. It sounds like they are Sharting!

  8. masterochicken on February 22, 2013 - Reply

    “Plus, you can’t put pool coping on a rail.”

    Challenge accepted.

  9. Arsenio Venkman on February 25, 2013 - Reply

    diamond grind sucks so bad it destroys your trucks, they put it in the skatepark by me on ther mini ramp, it got so manny compliants they thankfully removed it

  10. Check out the new concrete flat rail by diamond grind.

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