Austin storm water management


Two photos of a spot that amazingly enough was not built for skateboarding. Storm water management done the right way, somewhere in Austin, Texas.

– Thanks to Brianna Vance for the photos.




  1. Floridan Aquifer on February 4, 2013 - Reply

    So has anybody laid down multiple sheets of plywood so that they could roll in to the entrance fast enough to ride over the exit hole? Shirley must have done it by now, I would think. Any photos of ol’ Shirls doing so, B?

  2. In fact, if you had an 8′ quarter, with a bit of flat on one side cut diagonally, to set against the entrance, it looks like there is potential for a sick sick inverted grind across the top of the hole. Though not really, since the bit of inversion would turn you into the hole eventually, since it isn’t an arch. So, Shirley would never do THAT.

  3. At any spot, one must ask oneself: WWSSD?

  4. Where exactly in Austin is this? I’d love to hit it up sometime!

  5. bummer1984 on February 5, 2013 - Reply

    Tim go ask the Dream Destroyers… they know where it is.

  6. reminds me more than a little bit of mcminnville

  7. jeff diction on February 5, 2013 - Reply

    way gnarlier than mcminnie’s.

  8. Nice. That’s Jesse Reed on the blunt.
    I was at this session too.

  9. That has got to be skater infiltration into civil engineering.

  10. What ssk said. Would’ve been fun to hear the instructions from the supervisor of the workers who poured/shot the ‘crete: “Smooth out that bottom transition! Any kinks might create turbulence that will impede drainage!” Ha.

  11. Donnie Toopa on February 21, 2013 - Reply

    I know where this is – it’s down off Manchaca at William Cannon. Go check it out skaterats!

    • Where specifically off Manchaca and William Canon?

    • Hoyt Taylor on April 22, 2013 - Reply

      where off of Manchaca and William Cannon?

    • madmike on November 6, 2013 - Reply

      drove around the Manshack and William cannon area looking behind shopping centers and buildings. Can you give me a better hint, I live in that area, so I hope I can find this ditch. Thanks.

  12. Big Daddy Goth on November 7, 2013 - Reply

    I looked on the satellite map and couldnt find squat either

    • madmike on November 9, 2013 - Reply

      found out that this is not in south Austin. I have gotten very general directions, but will have to go search over the next couple of days! 3 people have told me this is a north/central ATX spot. Dont think the satellite pics will show it, since none of the skateparks show on Google earth either.

      • Korean Zombie on November 10, 2013 - Reply

        let us know!!

        • Mad Mike on November 10, 2013 - Reply

          Found this spot today! However, sadly to my amazement their was a city bulldozer parked near by and this ditch has been officially torn down. RIP. So, if you want to check for yourself it is in North Austin. Exit 2222 from Mopac, travel east to Shoal Creek rd and take a right going south. You will see the railing on the remaining ditch wall to the right a few block down the street where Bull Creek rd meets shoal creek. Sorry guys, I missed out too!

  13. Ukrainian Zombie on November 10, 2013 - Reply

    Yeah, do that.

  14. 1:03 and 4:57

  15. Went to this spot today. City put railing on the bottom of the transition. Totally not skate-able any more. Bummer

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