NATAS CAUPAS [sic] rulez!


One of the joys of bootleg skateboards occurs when the perpetrator can’t quite decide which board to rip off, so they combine two or more into one. In this case we’ve got a Natas / Grosso hybrid that was literally printed on paper and then laminated on both sides of the so-called deck. So sloppily in fact that the panther looks like it’s about to slide off the side of the board. Available on Ebay, where the seller calls it a Natas Caupas. – Thanks to David Maes for the tip.

Excellent job of horrible registration.




And now for the Grosso.





  1. Selling from Pennsylvania? In German? Is he Pennsylvania Deutsch?

  2. I’m holding out for a Duane Olsen.

  3. kaysee1 on January 16, 2013 - Reply

    I was going to bid on this to go with the rest of my knock off decks but it was up to $240 somebody must have thought it was a real Natas.. Anybody know what it went for??

  4. Sateen Rulez on January 17, 2013 - Reply

    Maybe this is like the Jesus Lizard/Nirvana split 7″. Coming soon!!! The Craig Johnson/Ken Park model from Hu Jintao Industries, LLC.

  5. This thing sold for close to 260 w/shipping I was watching it at about $40 and thought that guy was way over paying for it..
    I guess it makes a good conversation piece…

  6. TCBJinx on January 17, 2013 - Reply

    Ha… Thinking the winner “realized” it wasn’t real ?
    Yeah…, emailed the dude, because I saw it relisted.., said the winner didn’t pay, after he relisted it.., he then removed the listing again… I asked what happen?

    His reply was:

    Dear lovejinx,

    i got nervous since it was a copy/reproduction so i took it off. i still have it if u r interested.

    – 4-less

    He is selling for someone else….

  7. TCBJinx on January 17, 2013 - Reply

    I offered him 25 bucks… Hee hee

  8. I bid 80 bucks on it. That’s what I get for bidding from a smartphone while taking a dump! I retracted my bid when I saw it from a computer monitor. What a piece of crap (the skateboard)! Anyone want to buy a Rolex?

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