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New skatepark is goin to have a soft opening this weekend. The 1/13 check Kevaland on F-book for updates. These are the ramps from the old freemont project. There is room for a vert ramp we just need to stoke the owner. It is located in Clackamas close to the highway. GPK on the scene and out.













  1. SICK! do they allow blades there?? my boots are aching for some grindology!

  2. what are the possible options for stoking the owner out on a vert ramp?

  3. The Real Fitz Shady on January 11, 2013 - Reply

    Have all the grumpy old men sell him on it!

  4. Those tranny’s look a little tight.

  5. These photos are squished. the place isn’t that tight and those people aren’t that skinny!

  6. Estes' Ghost on January 15, 2013 - Reply

    I laid down some sheets of masonite- its the Volcom Mini from Expo and the Portland Finetst Am Streetcourse combined. Gonna be really nice. Trannies are just like the way Thor likes em, half boy- half girl.

  7. the owner is stoked on vert and so are we, just in time will we have a full answer to know if there can be one

  8. but on a good note there is a warm place to skate with all the will full fill a good session! got a DBL set with rail and nice mini as you can see, and other flow that will come into play the first of Feb!

  9. Hook me and my homie up with a job. We live a block away.

  10. There has been a delay on the opening, work has been going as fast as possible, but were making sure that is nice and safe. D block is looking to open this coming weekend the 26TH. should have the ramps all save and flowed together! come one come all, and be warm at the same time. contact kevin at the shop, or Me out skating for more info…..later Dan-0

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