The idea came to me…

…when I saw someone else had already done it. This first half of the sentence is a direct quote, but the second half isn’t, although it should be. The creator of BabyDubz even managed to get a patent out of this. Maybe it has something to do with the pouring method, maybe it’s just a clear cut case for patent reform. The creator looks a lot like McLovin’ which works to his favor I guess, because it makes me want to cut him some slack against my better judgement. They also come in a gold plated version, because nothing makes more sense than spending a lot of money on something you’re going to throw out in 3-6 months. Maybe they can sell some to Lil’ Wayne. I shouldn’t have to mention this, but of course there is a Kickstarter page. Also awesome: Dad, can I film my video in your office? I wan to look like a bidness man.

– Thanks to playa Seth Levy for the 411.


  1. I can’t wait for some idiot to make spinner wheel nuts…
    [Please don’t make spinner wheel nuts]

  2. Didn’nt Paul Schmitt do this decades ago? Fairly sure he did and without the embarrassing Jereme Rogers style rapping, dodgy videos and ” well known ” team riders that no one has heard of. I don’t mean to be cruel, you can’t rally knock the kid for trying, but, no, just no!

    • Schmitt Stix SS Radials / Red Lines
      those wheels where so smooth and fast.. I loved them.

  3. Yeah I thought so, pretty sure New Deal did an aluminium cored wheel a few years later too. I guess this kid doesn’t know his history and is doomed to repeat it, with extra ” swag ” as I believe the kids say.

  4. talentlessquitter on November 19, 2012 - Reply

    Alu core Turbines, mmmmmmmm, lovely.

  5. What’s awesomely crappy about this idea is it’s all cheese form, with no whiz function. Machined aluminum hubs that keep the bearings truly aligned with one another make sense, (and of course have been done), but if such hubs take up most of the diameter, they’ll make for a weird feel unless maybe you go to a higher rebound but softer urethane… and usually the most f icacious solution is just to make your board go faster, instead of hoping your wheels will. But, hey, maybe this purely cosmetic adornment, that doesn’t hold the bearings, will make kids FEEL like going faster, and assaulting the coping or rail at scurrier speeds. Or not.

  6. I have managed to crush a cored wheel (Rictas) probably because they were so hard, and rip the urethane off another (Kryptos) likely because they are so damn soft…

    So far, I’ve found the traditional all-urethane 97A wheel to be more than fast enough, and I have countless scars, numerous surgical plates, pins, and screws to back up my assertion.

    But you never know. People probably thought clay was the ultimate medium, until somebody tried to fix it. As mentioned above, this could be an interesting idea… Dumb looking though!

  7. some kook on November 21, 2012 - Reply

    Aluminum-core wheels are nothing new. Gyro wheels had aluminum cores in the 80s (I think) and were reissued a couple years ago.

    More recently, Orangatang had aluminum-core longboard wheels last year. They cost more than $100 a set and were a total bitch to get bearings out of. There’s a company out of Europe called DTC wheels that continues to make metal-cored race wheels.

  8. Cored wheels are garbage. Bought some for my bro a few years back and they rotted out. He still ripped though

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