Skate Lima

Roadside advertisement for a new skatepark in Lima, Peru, or technically San Borja? I’m not even gonna front on my south american geography. There’s not much out there about this park, and non of which I can actually read. I did find some photos at Radar Skate, and a few more at Apparently Peru has 42 skateparks already, who knew? It’s scheduled to open this month. Maybe it’s open now. Who built it? Doctor Skatepark, the same guy behind that glow in the dark park in France.

[Photo: Seth Levy]


  1. Skatepark is in the San Borja neighborhood of Lima. Built by Doctor Skatepark, originally of Belgium but now based in Peru. Despite having 42 skateparks, the only ones done right are this one and the other one build by DS. Skatepark opens this weekend with a demo featuring Rune and Barros. Converse paid for the naming rights of the park.

  2. Prickly Pete on November 21, 2012 - Reply

    Corporate naming rights for skateparks? All these doctorates in skateboarding? I must have been asleep for a long time.

  3. Lima…reminds me of Che (a real doctor)…has anyone else ever considered skateboarding to be a bourgeois activity? Its a pretty selfish pursuit. Skate and annoy!

    • Careful, Brad. Any discussion of the social-functions of skateboarding result in one being told not to preach, or not to overthink it–despite it being largely the province of first world participants.

      And sure, it’s a sub-culture, and therefore dependent on the dominant/parent culture for it’s norms. Yes, it’s a risk/reward activity that may–like many sports–serve as a proxy for the danger (think hunting, fighting for resources) missing in modern life. And very likely, our various forms of adornment and behavior can be linked to mating rituals…

      Knowing all that does nothing to detract from the fun though.

    • South America… reminds me of Mengele (a real doctor)… has anyone else beside Mengele considered skateboarding to be a Nazi activity? It is a pretty gaseous pursuit.

      (Hey, at least I’m not the one who yelled “I love Hitler!” at a session the other night… that was a young Jewish friend, perhaps reacting to the year he’d just spent in Israel… Grover needs to come down here and give him a good talking to, about homeland security and its connection to free sessions.)

      • I don’t think I will ever be able to wrap my head around West Coast humor…

        • Nahh, it’s Flarda… we’re dumb down here (plus drunk in my young friend’s case… I did at least yell “you’re a Bad Jew!!” at him… and, not surprisingly, he dint reply “Too soon??”).

  4. Time to make some travel plans

  5. More info about Converse Skatepark in Lima. ( ) . Check our spot guide if you are planning to visit Perú ( ) we have some sick spots to shred !

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