Make a simple longboard

Why not make a simple longboard? It might do you some good to broaden your horizons a little. How’s yours coming MC?

[Source: Make Projects]


  1. BRO! Thas frickin’ SICK!! I am so HYPED on this BRO!! Mega-Mega stoked on this KILLER DIY!!

  2. talentlessquitter on November 23, 2012 - Reply

    Title should be ‘Making a longboard made simple’.
    Without preaching pro or against; DIY/homemade longboard building has been booming over tha last few years, at least over here in Western Europe. Some guys have pretty impressive presses and some have made a business of it. The quality is there.

  3. masterochicken on November 23, 2012 - Reply

    Making skateboards: almost as fun as riding them.

    • The Real Fitz on November 23, 2012 - Reply

      Agreed. Back in high-school, I made several skateboards using an old waterski-press. I used mahoghany veneer, and gripped them in astro-deck. Cal-Skate had original OJs at the time for $8 a set, and I set the boards up with old Indys. Super fun rain boards.

      • masterochicken on November 24, 2012 - Reply

        A waterski press? Where did you get your hands on that? That sounds awesome.

        • The Real Fitz Shady on November 24, 2012 - Reply

          They had one at my school shop–people still waterskied back then–but if you could build your own with a large bandsaw and a gluelam. That’s pretty much all the one I used consisted of. We used some large C-clamps to force the wood together. Harbor Freight has great deals on clamps, but in a pinch, you could jack up the front-end of a pickup truck and set one of the front wheels on a home-made wood-press and achieve the same results. Also cutting your own would give you better control over rocker, kick-tail etc.

          Of course another method is to hit garage sales and thrift shops, and cut down an old wooden water-ski, but where’s the fun in that?

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  5. The Real Fitz Shady on November 27, 2012 - Reply

    What the fuck is this?^

    • Poorly formatted pingback from another web site that linked to this post. Blame the guy who coded this site.

      • Shop Teacher Gordy on November 27, 2012 - Reply

        Poor Fitz! His perfectly worded flashback is the stuff of woodshop-legend.

  6. No thanks a like ollies

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