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HOT LUNCH from San Francisco is one of the hottest Skaterock bands around at the moment. Their label describes them as “heavy, hard-driving punk ‘n’ roll” and I have nothing to add there. If you like heavy rock from the 70s and Skaterock from the 80s, I am pretty sure you will love HOT LUNCH.

The band released two vinyl 7” records so far, both on Germany´s WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Records. The first and self-titled 7” has the songs “She wants more” and “Alakazam”.

Their second 7” has the ass-kicking tune “Killer Smile” on side A and a song called “You´re alright” on the flipside that you might remember from the late 70s skateboard flick SKATEBOARD MADNESS. The song was originally recorded by TUFF TOMMY, a pretty obscure band from the Santa Monica area. Dennis Dragon (The Surf Punks, The Dragons, etc.) recorded them back then for Hal Jepsen´s movie and they also played one show together with the Surf Punks at the Santa Monica Civic. If you have more info on Tuff Tommy, please get in touch!

WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Records is going to release the first full-length album of HOT LUNCH around January 2013 and I am pretty sure, it´s going to be a must-have… except you are more into Skaterap.



  1. houseofneil on November 26, 2012 - Reply

    skaterock? The horrendous song I heard on their facebook page sounds nothing like any skaterock I’ve ever heard. It’s a mess of early 70s prog rock nonsense.

    • Is there really a specific Skaterock sound? Is every song on the Thrasher Skaterock Tapes Skaterock?!?

    • Auntie Larry thinks houseofneil is a tad narrow-minded in his definition of skate rock.

      • houseofneil on November 27, 2012 - Reply

        yeah you’re probably right. Point taken. I guess I was expecting skatepunk and this is clearly not that.

        But that raises a good question. What is the definition of skaterock? Is it any band in any genre that sings about skateboarding? Or is it any band that has a member that skates? Or all of the above? Doc, how do you decide what bands to cover?

        • The Real Fitz Shady on November 27, 2012 - Reply

          My two cents: It’s undefinable, except to the ears it’s enetering… For me, if I can skate to it, I guess it qualifies.

        • That´s really a good question, Neil and tough to answer. Maybe it´s really undefinable like Fitz Shady sad. My personal favorite definition is “music by skaters for skaters”, it works pretty good for most cases, but not for all.

          I don´t see a limitation style-wise, although I personally prefer the style of early to mid-80s US HC/Punk, combined with some metal influences here and there.

          Other possible definitions:
          What about skatevideo soundtracks? I´d say no, except the bands have a connection to skateboarding themselves. What about having a skateboard on the cover? That would make INXS a skaterock band. What about having a skater in your band? I guess the 80s saw more (punk)bands with skaters than without, esp. in California. What about having a pro skater in your band? I don´t think Tom Knox´s band MOLOKO MEN would call themselves skaterock. What about music you can skate to? I´d say no, because the listener would decide, not the band. I remember Rodney Mullen skating to some classic music (Mozart or Beethoven, can´t remember). And those two guys were definetely not skaterock, because the skateboard was invented decades later. What about the stuff that was featured in Thrasher Mag? I´d say not generally, because I remember seeing an article about U2 in an old 80s issue for example. What about bands on the Thrasher Tapes? I´d also say not in general, because some of those tapes were good but pure Hardcore compilations without any connection to skateboarding. It is really tough.

          Anyway I´d use a very freely definition for my posts here (without calling it Skaterock automatically). There just has to be a connection between music and skateboarding … cheers

          • Shop Teacher Gordy on November 28, 2012 -

            I think you nailed it, Doc: “There just has to be a connection between music and skating…”

            Definitely. And as to the topic of genres, there’s Classic Skaterock, and everything else that has yet to be labeled.

            Skating and music are always going to be matters of personal taste. Cool to see somebody interested in delving into that relationship.

  2. is UK “rendez-vous 6:02” skate rock or prog rock ?
    (not UK Subs)

  3. awful, just awful. you were kidding about the “must have,” right?

  4. Wow, thanks for the sweet write-up, Doc!! Having our tunes mentioned on my favorite site is beyond flattering. Sorry you guys don’t dig it – especially Neil since I love most of the tunes on your column (thanks for turning me on to Giuda, by the way – they totally remind me Crushed Butler and Hammersmith Gorillas). But honestly, I’m just stoked that the younger dudes seem to like us more than the older guys:

  5. Sounds so much like Graveyard it’s almost hard to believe it’s not the same band!

    • Graveyard is a Soundgarden derivative… i did not think his voice was anything like Chris Cornell’s, or whoever he was imitating…

  6. They sound great…just what I needed because I’ve been listening way too much to The Shrine recently…

  7. Id skate to it and it rocks… skate+rock=skaterock

  8. cold ones on November 27, 2012 - Reply

    Put me in with Team pro-Hot Lunch. They’re great live, too.

  9. eliminator on November 28, 2012 - Reply

    HOT LUNCH fucking rule! masters of rock and roll!!

  10. molly tuttle on November 28, 2012 - Reply

    Hot Lunch rules!!! I recommend rocking out in the front row of a Hot Lunch show to truly grasp the energy and epic talent of these guys. May not be your cup of tea, but, you can’t deny that they’ve got serious skill. Plus, they are the coolest, kindest dudes ever.

  11. Awesome

  12. sHITTAY-TAY on January 5, 2013 - Reply

    Wow…this is why skateboarding is kind of a bummer.
    Creative people stick their necks out, produce something from the heart, and some cock-knock has to take cheap shots from the cheap seats.
    Way to be a “Bro!”, bro…
    That’s right, Bend Right Over.
    Fuck everyone who wants to harsh on the HOT LUNCH…
    Keep skating, keep rocking…
    As Thumper’s Mother said…”FUCK YOU, buddy!”

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