Dr SkateRock presents Vintage Skaterock

When I first heard of this book (before it was published) I was skeptical. I couldn’t believe there would be enough material to fill a book of any size. Then I was excited. It seemed like someone was writing a book (or playing a practical joke) just for me. Then I was pissed. Why didn’t I think of this idea? I quietly watched this, because I was not expecting it to actually come to fruition. When I saw that Dr Skaterock’s Vintage Skaterock had been published, I bought a copy without trying to hit the author up for a review copy. I figured the audience was going to be really small, so I wanted to support it. Upon receiving the (reasonably priced) book, I geeked out. It was a lot more scholarly than I had thought. I had assumed it was going to be a small coffee table styler book focusing on album covers, but equal (if not more) attention has been paid to release dates, record labels, alternate pressings and the sort of minutia that made me think, “Man, this guy is a geek!” – fully aware that I am the same caliber of geek. Then I thought, this is exactly the kind of geek I want contributing to Skate and Annoy. I have dabbled in skatesploitation music here on SNA. I’ve considered it a pet project of mine, even though some friends can’t understand why I even bother. However much of an “authority” I fancied myself as, Dr Skaterock has completely outclassed me in this area. That’s why stoked to welcome the (other) Doctor to the list of authors at Skate and Annoy. Look for him soon!


  1. masterochicken on November 20, 2012 - Reply

    I can’t wait!

  2. tell me more, tell me more
    was it love at first sight ?
    or did it end up in fight ?
    aha ouhaha ouhaha ouhaha

    you remember ?

  3. muchas gracias amigos!!

  4. Yes!!

  5. Looks like a fun read… But what about the 80’s?

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