Dear Patients …

… this is Doc Skaterock a.k.a. Flow writing from Germany. Kilwag asked me, if I wanted to be an author for sna, and hell yeah, I want to be a part of that site. What an honor, thank you Kilwag!! So what am I going to write here about? Skaterock? Yes! Skatesploitation? Yes! And for sure some other trash, too. We will see. For those who don´t know me so far, I´ve been writing about my passion Skaterock for more than one and a half decade now, starting with my own fanzine in 1996 (simply called “Skaterock”) and then writing and photographing for the German skatemag Boardstein from the beginning (2000) till the end of it (2008 or was it 2009?). This year I finished and self-published my book about what I dared to call “Vintage Skaterock“, the skateboard music that was performed and recorded before the term “Skaterock” was officially created. I hope you are also interested in that kinda stuff. Please fell free to comment, sent tips, leave feedback, give away your record collection….

… enjoy life!

yours sincerely
Dr. Skaterock


  1. Welcome Doc !

  2. Dear patients … reminds me of Dear Prudence – Siouxie !
    Is dat skaterock ?

  3. Tell me about Underdog.

  4. wes fuckin cording on November 20, 2012 - Reply

    Treece IS skaterock!!!McRad…McShred…etc! EAST!

  5. Please cover the stuff after they coined the term “skaterock,” too!

  6. Auntie Larry is wondering was Mr Chi Pig a ‘skate rocker?’

    • At least I saw him performing with SNFU at a prety strange Skate & Rock festival called “Flying high across the skate” in Nuremberg around 1997/98 together with Suicidal Tenedencies, Thumb (with Claus Grabke) and a few other bands. I can´t remember seeing him skating the miniramp there (Claus did some inverts).

  7. If Glen E Friedman wasn’t there, did it really happen?

  8. Hey Flow. alles klar!
    Good to see you getting involved in one of the #1 websites. I am sure this is a fruitful addition!

  9. talentlessquitter on November 21, 2012 - Reply

    Wilkommen, Grusse aus die Niederlande!

  10. wes fuckin cording on November 21, 2012 - Reply


  11. Skaterock

  12. Oh ,sorry Skaterock good.

  13. Campbell on November 24, 2012 - Reply


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