Safe New Way to Skateboard

Taking a break from people reinventing the skateboard, here’s the umpteenth take on reinventing skyhooks, ollie bands, straps, etc… Krainkn was “invented” by Kevin Rains – get it? K-rain-kin! Guess what? You’ll never believe this, not in a million years. He’s on kickstarter. What’s actually hard to imagine is the fact that he has allegedly squeezed a patent or two out of this idea that dates back to the 70’s and has even been updated in the last 5 years or so. I’ll even go out on a limb and say it looks fun (shocker!) but come on man, you’re detracting from kickstarter programs that are actually interesting, like the Molecule Synth.

– Thanks to Sarib for the tip.

UPDATE: New videos added since the old one disappeared.


  1. lame !
    Hang it under a tree and you get a nice … hadaya call it ? A swing ?
    Had it on a surf and you get … a leash.
    Dogtown rules !

  2. nweyesk8 on August 29, 2012 - Reply

    i’m pretty sure it is still cheaper to take an old bike inner tube, but what do I know in today’s, but it new,made in china, society ?

  3. Micah Breshears on August 29, 2012 - Reply

    Inner tube originator back in 90′.

  4. Wow! Maybe I’ll be good enough at skateboard riding with this to finally get my photo in Thrasher…

  5. kendouglass on August 29, 2012 - Reply

    nice selection of anti hero boards on the rack

  6. bernie o'dowd on August 30, 2012 - Reply

    yeah but how can you text without your hands… lazy dick faces.

  7. I sometimes become very sad when I see people like Kevin Rains, try so hard. So, so pointlessly hard. I want Kevin to have a nice time, earn some good money and get to do some nice things with his life but not like this. Not like this, Kevin, please.

    • I know exactly how you feel, couldn’t have worded it better myself. I struggled writing this post because I din’t want to come down to hard on the guy but it’s just so awful.

      • I just want to sit him down, thank him for his efforts, and constructively steer him in a better direction. Maybe there’s a kitchen gadget he could improve upon? I’d like a juicer with a Bloody Mary setting, or a toaster that makes One-Eyed Jacks, you know something I might actually use…

  8. talentlessquitter on August 31, 2012 - Reply

    I guess he still has to ‘find his inner tube’…

  9. I used bungee cords in ’79.

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