Dreamland in the burbs

I’ve been wondering what’s been going on with Dreamland since I hadn’t heard about them lately. Turns out they’re working on a stealth park in the Portland suburb of Beaverton. I like to call it Beavertron though, but that’s just me, and I’m fairly immature. Carl Warren has some photos. I don’t know where or when in Beaverton this is. (Update: Schiffler Park.) Didn’t even know it was in the works. I’ve got my finger on the pulse. My pulse, because apparently I’m dead.


  1. Hmm, this might be one of the “spots” that THPRD was putting in. Hadn’t heard anything for a while, but I’m betting this is what it is: LINK

  2. francisco on August 8, 2012 - Reply

    Looks fun.

  3. I’m going to send Tyler over to test it out for the rest of you.

  4. I’m there, Auntie. With bells on.

  5. Ron Ronson on August 8, 2012 - Reply

    It’s over by Beaverton Highschool. Nothing to do with THPRD..

    • Is it at Schiffler Park? It’s about 600m from Beavertron High.

    • Unless it’s on District 48 Property, it’s a THPRD park. If it’s a park in the Beaverton Area, it’s Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District–they cover everything from Fanno to Somerset, and Eichler and Schiffler are right in the middle (both are adjacent to Beaverton High) and are assuredly THPRD parks. The skatespot may have little to do with THPRD–could be city or county funds–but THPRD land it is, and they’ll be the overlords… FYI: Eichler is home to some great dirtjumps, and from the photos, I’m guessing that’s where they’ve put it.

  6. evelyn schiffler memorial park. the entire park is getting redone, hence all the dirt surrounding the skatespot. the skatespot is finished, but won’t be open until the rest of the park is, in a couple/few months.

    • Glad they didn’t put it adjacent to the dirtjumps in Eichler. While I’m that rare breed who can enjoy both skating and BMX, I hate dust/dirt/mud in the park.

  7. I’ve got a bunch of time in this one – and the plans were 100% unskateable, drawn by a local Landscape Architect. I was trying to explain skateboarding in a one-hour shot to those people. I’ve been really worried about it, but these pics make me optimistic.

    Last I knew the whole park was fenced off yet.

    • Define 100% unskateable? That sounds rather bad!

      I’m guessing/hoping DL and Co. wouldn’t build anything quite that lousy, bad plans or not.

  8. I live in Beaverton, and wish I had even known about plans for new skate spots in the THPRD district parks, there must be some “master plan” laid out for where they will be built? I use the current THPRD/Beaverton park frequently since I live nearby, and would love to see more spots like this spread around the area. Would be nice if there were some way for locals to get involved in providing input on designs, etc.

    • Could be time to create a BVRTON Skate Assoc and get organized or at least a FB Group page to get the word out.

  9. Just visited here today. It is in the Schiffler park as mentioned. As far as skateability, it looks sweet, small, but definitely skateable (of course, its a Dreamland!). The landscaping in the park is not finished, so the park is currently fenced off. I’m not sure when the park officially opens, but there were fence-hoppers skating when I checked it out.

  10. Not really a good set up. Very cross-traffic and collision at speed. Looks like very little thought was put into the obstacle arrangement. The rail/stairs and hubbas spill right into the larger bowled 1/4 pipe flat bottom so riderless boards go flying into your landing area from hubba/stair groms. The transitions on the banks and sides going down to the 1/4 pipe wall area are terrible and steep. You can barely get enough speed to make it all the way back to the top when you come in from the 1/4 pipe area but going down you have more than enough speed to collide with whoever just landed their trick on the 1/4 pipe wall. It is set up more for bikes than skateboarding.

    • Are you Kidding? on March 19, 2013 - Reply

      It’s fantastic, and I have no trouble going fast enough to get anywhere I want. It’s a damn good park, a fun set-up, and a good layout.

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