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So there’s a DIY article about making a ceiling fan out of skateboards. Nothing really to it besides, you know, drilling holes in skateboards and replacing existing blades. Seems like it would be awfully heavy. It’s not a new concept actually. There have been commercially available skateboard fans for a few years. So long that The X Board ceiling fan from Hunter Fans has already been discontinued. You can still get their model with mini surfboard shaped blades. You can also get a Radical Fan from a company that apparently decorates fan blades and resells them.

– Thanks to Charles Glover for the tip.

The discontinued Hunter X-Board.


Note to market research: Parent are unlikely to buy home appliances decorated with fake blood.

And now the Radical fan. This is not an officially licensed product. Licensed products were used as decorations.

There a re lot of handmade fan pulls for chains out there on the interwebs, but here’s one that someone actually had manufactured.



  1. Do you think this could be pulled off with a pile of old used decks? Would they be out of balance with weight and size and f up the fan motor?

  2. masterochicken on July 20, 2012 - Reply

    This is funny, because I like to make decks out of old ceiling fan blades.

  3. I’ll give them a lil’ bit of props (<—see, propeller, get it?) for follow through… did ya notice the "wheel nut" look on the "skate wheel" light globe…

    • Urethra Franklin on July 21, 2012 - Reply

      Bet ya didn’t know where “props” really comes from. (Hint: The thing it’s contracted from is featured in my song “Respect”, when I sing about givin me my “propers when I get home”. And of course what the damn fool kids didn’t get was that, given that it is a contraction thereof, “props” is an absolute… you either get ya propers or you don’t… and so therefore “mad props” – as if props could come in degrees – is dumb as dirt.)

      • Actually, I DID know it was from “proper” though I didn’t have all the above details. I just threw it in as an (failed) attempt at propeller/fan humor. I also saw what you did there, Urethra. That’s funny.

        • Urethra Franklin on July 22, 2012 - Reply

          But but it’s not from “proper”, it’s from “propers”… and I make the distinction cuz I hate it when someone, especially on the mike, says “proper!” about a trick, especially since, on the mike, they are, more often than not: wrong. (That is, they’re giving said move “more than” props. Which is more than just “improper” [cuz who cares about THAT], it’s downright giddy [which is basically a narrow synonym for gay]).

  4. Mic, not mike. As in microphone. 😉

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