Friday T&A on S&A. This is dumb. Not Badass.

“Badass skateboarding” from Playboy, which is neither badass or anything other than embarrassing for all parties involved. One girl appears to know how to skate, while the other two have “action” scenes that look like they were shot at speeds approaching 2mph. Entirely safe for work video after the jump, although the domain name may be blacklisted. Highlight of the video is actual vintage equipment.

– Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.


  1. Paul Harvey on June 15, 2012 - Reply

    The two girls in the photo above don’t fit the Playboy/Penthouse bill. …A fact which reminded me of a Painter & Dockers (the Australian band, not the radical Australian union) song of the 80’s, “Nude School”, spoofing a beyond-Montessori kindergarden. Which went: “Kimmy… thinks she’s Madonna / But Penthouse… Changed All That / She’s… not that… hairy/ Her legs… are not that… fat.”

  2. Paul Harvey on June 15, 2012 - Reply

    And fer “Now for something a little different”, you might check out Painters & Dockers “Nude School” on Youtube, since it turns out to be on there… NOT that it has anything to do with skating… but what ALMOST has something to do with later / skaters, style-wise, and is worth watching as a curiousity, is the so-called “RARE 1974 INSIGHT TO SHARPIES IN MELBOURNE” clip on Youtube. Even before Painters & Dockers, something weird was going on down at the bottom of down under. And, besides pre-ripping-off skater looks, those “Sharpies” even seem to have invented the Elaine Benis thumb dance.

  3. walled eyed glue huffer on June 18, 2012 - Reply

    could the corporate fags at playboy hate sk8brding any more? antiquated satin crud…get real are those pencil pushing cube dwelling penny pinching pussies that bitter that a pro sk8brdr coud knock all of hef’s bitches at any night club after 5 minutes?

  4. Iggy, re the two on June 18, 2012 - Reply

    “I don’t mind… that your legs are thin”… but gotta give me some better skating, Or I don’t want any skin.

  5. Couldn’t give a shit what the ladies are suppossed to be doing–just stoked on looking at them.

    • Lobby Loyd on June 18, 2012 - Reply

      And we don’t give a shit about Pavlov’s Fitz.

      • You’re going to have to explain your clever remark.

        • Lobby Loyde on June 20, 2012 - Reply

          I ain’t gotta splain nothin. The Melbourne “Sharpies” loved me even though I looked like a Beer Hippy, I produced Painters & Dockers first (best) album, I was in a Brisbane band in the nineteen friggin FIFTIES called the Devil’s Disciples, when you Yanks were listening to Ricky Ricardo and Fubby Feckers… and I wrote G.O.D. (Guitar Over Drive). But I guess I shouldn’t fault you for knee jerking over lame chics, since I myself was a Mad Pussy Hound (a la the British Home Sec in “Eat the Rich”) in my day… which is why the women called me “Lobby”….

          • Fitz on June 21, 2012 -

            Doesn’t this qualify as an explanation?

  6. I was at my grandpa’s house and found his stack of URLs in the garage.

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