Vintage Rip City with Black Flag

Rip City Skates (Santa Monica, California) commercial introducing the new Raymond Pettibon skateboard designs for 1984. The decks featured classic Pettibon illustrations and Black Flag iconography.

So “commercial” implies that it was on television at some point, my guess is cable access at best, but still rad. I would have lost control if I had seen this on air back in the day. Lost my mind.


  1. talentlessquitter on May 30, 2012 - Reply

    Ka-ching! sounds sampled from the Pink Floyd song.

  2. I mistook it (again !) for Big Black:

  3. Cool! That was my skateshop growing up. That logo imprinted on me, still gives me that new deck feeling. I can smell the fresh stickers.

  4. deeply rad

    • talentlessquitter on May 31, 2012 - Reply

      Best video I’ve seen this year.

      Sock def. RHCP inspired.

  5. Black Flack Skateboard for sale now em=230880259080

  6. i always hated those decks i saw 2 of them today at the south bay skates museum and they are cheap crap graphic boards !


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