Newspapers should be censored

I didn’t read the article because I was so annoyed with the image. You got your classic “guy in the sky” shot on the second page too. Slightly altered NYTimes online image above. Original screenshot after the turn.


  1. walled eyed glue huffer on May 10, 2012 - Reply

    yes the aging skateboarder rides a drop thru…this is so fucking stupid

  2. Elbow pads over jacket but no knee pads… That seems logical.

  3. ugh

  4. This is a great example of why I don’t tell people that I skateboard.

  5. reminds me of every1 in my town on a saturday trying to ask me if i skateboard as i roll passed their longboards on a skateboard!!!

  6. The Times has always been for Mensa* types (*the real-life Church of the Subgenius) who want to feel superior to people who read papers that deign to feature comics strips… so this type of spasticity is to be expected. But it’s even more spastic when it tries to glorify something, (like Christian Fletcher’s arc), so, it could have been worse….

  7. Michael on May 11, 2012 - Reply

    for a second there I thought that I cared but then I realized that I didn’t.

  8. talentlessquitter on May 11, 2012 - Reply

    Started to read it but I lost patience at page 2 and 3. Kind of skipped through it. A lot of words to say, in essence, that the ‘older’ skater likes to ride something bigger than 32″.

    Didn’t know the big 10″ PP Skull&Sword was ‘from the 70’s’. Guy on the right looks like a dork!

  9. Mid-life crisis ?
    The end is near … enjoy every day and every second !
    Life crisis is more relevant.
    For the rest … clichés, clichés, clichés.
    Maybe XXI century clichés, that is the only new point.

  10. love it! the world is still clueless. leave ’em that way

  11. Bergen County Bomb Victim on May 11, 2012 - Reply

    Wow! After reading this article I get a real sense that these guys are in fact rebelling. I suspected it all along. You might take it with a grain of salt, but I have some stories about these guys and some of the rebellious activity they’re responsible for in Bergen County.

    For one thing, everyone in Bergen County knows that angel dust and chain fights are synonymous with the Bergen County Bombers. Not that I’ve been able to get the police to pay attention to this. And Stacy Peralta? He really tarnished the Z boy name and skateboarding in the 70s didn’t he? Thank God that rebel doesn’t live here!

    Imagine a rebellious band of silver templed 40-somethings riding 94″ longboards and 14″ wheels, in full rebellion mode, yet highly cognizant of the solid yellow line, rolling down your street! Well that’s what I woke up to one Saturday morning. A couple of these characters held what looked like some sort of stainless steel bombs with special detonation handles and actual steam rising from them. Again, no police response!

    Another time I got trapped in a one-way conversation with one of the “Bombers” when we were both waiting in line at the license bureau. I think I offended him when I said I never heard of something called Trackers cause that immediately ended his chatter. I gradually turned away from him, but was uneasy for the next 45 minutes. I could all but feel his hateful eyes against the back of my head as we both stood there in silent tension.

    Sometimes I see this same creep picking up his girlfriend’s kid at my son’s school. I know it’s him cause he has his longboard, but with a booster seat and tiny Nazi helmet for the kid. (Is everything skateboarding with this guy?) I freaked the day his girlfriend’s kid and mine came walking out of school together having a conversation. What dirty words was his kid teaching mine? This creep was way too friendly with my kid and grabbed him by the waist as my kid pretended to ride his longboard. I shuddered as he patted my kid on the shoulder smiling his crooked smile. Hands off! I whispered to myself breathlessly. Lucky I was able to hide behind some bushes during this altercation.

    Sure, these are isolated incidents that most people wouldn’t even notice. I mean, the police don’t! However, I’m seeing evidence of rebellious skater attitudes everywhere! Respected co-workers suddenly high-fiving after productive work meetings; men calling each other bro’ at the gym; loud music from a passing BMW. Things our society has never known! Now it’s all legitimized by some big newspaper. How many of these people around me ride skateboards? Apparently everyone of them does. I’m beginning to think that an ever more rebellious Bergen County is no place for my family.

  12. eBay Lurker on May 12, 2012 - Reply

    Hey, mock me for wearing a helmet all you want. What will give a 20 year old a concussion, would kill a forty year old.

  13. The article was a bit corny, but I enjoyed the last little bit. Although I have lost weight because of my skateboarding…and make sure I keep it off because it helps me skate…I can relate!

    “More than once, Gary Saenz, a 52-year-old quality-assurance specialist in Germantown, Md., has been skating in an industrial park or new housing development when a police cruiser has rolled up ominously. Bracing for a tense standoff with The Man, he usually just gets a quizzical look.

    “They realize I’m not a teenager,” he said, “just an overweight dude with gray hair.”

  14. truth on May 15, 2012 - Reply

    Most of you are just pissed because you got called out by the man. That’s O.K. It’s seems like the typical non conformist skateboarder thing to do.

  15. Hmm, what style should I adopt today?

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