Wrenches and hammers

It’s funny that in this day and age of conformity to the popsicle stick there are more vanity shaped boards available than there ever were in the money bumps era. I don’t think there ever were any “goof” shapes in the 80’s with the possible exception of those Mutant shapes that were skewed, and I think those were supposed to somehow be for the sake of performance. I think Epic Skates also made weird skewed shapes too. Anyone? NHS is the uncontested King of the gimmick boards. They’re back again via Creature with a Neil Heddings wrench cruiser, which despite the odd shape is apparently fully functional. Video after the jump. Neil Heddings: Great skater. Great actor? Not so much. Product placement video after the jump.

– Thanks to Seth Grossman for the tip.

Hey man, why give the embed code if it won’t let you watch it?


  1. Gabe SoLame on November 11, 2011 - Reply

    What’s next the cold war hammer and sickle deck? Lol…this is pretty rad tho

  2. cold ones on November 11, 2011 - Reply

    Personally, I found Neil’s portrayal of the feral gimp in the BloodShed feature film to be quite excellent.

  3. Prickly Pete on November 11, 2011 - Reply

    …and from Rad Dads we now turn our attention to uhh… Neil Heddings.

  4. How can you give this piece of shit any coverage? He killed his own child. He should still be in prison getting butt fucked. He is a fucking scumbag & you should be ashamed for even posting this shit. What the fuck?

  5. I am not sure exactly how I feel about that whole thing that keep getting dredged up but I am sure that if you do not know the exact details about that whole thing then should should probably STFU. I realise that this is a highly charged/emotional issue but it is/was a tragedy. Anyway maybe you shouldn’t judge someone from a newspaper article and post some BS opinion on the interwebs and if and when you ever skate with Neil ask him yourself face to face instead of being a bitch behind your computer screen. Why do I care? Hell if I know?!

    • Fuck you. I’ll say that shit right to Neil’s face & to yours. He is a fucking scumbag & so is anyone else that defends him. We are all innocent until proven guilty. That fuck was proven guilty. So the papers a lying? The indictment is lying? You are a fucking moron. Heddings is a piece of shit & so are you for taking his side. You are a bunch of assclowns.

      • Butthurt for BMX on November 12, 2011 - Reply


        There’s more to every story…

        • This is the most biased article ever. This had to be written by one of his cronies. The majority of skaters are all stereotyped by the media because of our “unconventional appearance.” That is the best excuse Heddings could come up with? Bullshit. In the past 10 years tattoos & piercings are more widely accepted.

          The facts are he was convicted of killing his kid. He should have no place in skateboarding.

          Gator. Murderer. No longer has a place in skateboarding.

          • Butthurt for BMX on November 13, 2011 -

            Where’s the bias you speak of? Because he wasn’t automatically crucified, it’s bias?

            Both sides of the story are represented, and the reader is left to draw their own conclusions.

          • Butthurt for BMX on November 13, 2011 -

            Also: Get your facts straight: He was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter–to which he pled Not Guilty.

            It’s a far cry from the crime you alledge.

      • you really have come off as an arse. and you wouldn’t say it to his face because you would be scared at first and then realize that he is not a monster. life is fucked up and sad, project your hate elsewhere. old fucking news.

    • OK guys. If you can’t converse without name calling, threats etc… Don’t bother. I’m just going to delete the comments.

  6. who cares anyway on November 12, 2011 - Reply

    its wrong regardless of who’s guilty and who’s innocent, its still child abuse…fuck creature for helping him

  7. Beermonster on November 12, 2011 - Reply

    Standard or Metric?

  8. Waasup haters!
    Checking in from the IE! Neil was found guilty and served his sentence. I don’t think he is father of the year, but he paid his debt and the rest is on him. He expressed deep regrets about the loss. Many circumstances in the case are not as they read in the paper. Don’t rush to judge and cast stones unless you are a perfect man. STFU and drop that shit, it’s old news just like most of you.

  9. OK, I won’t rush to judge. Glad he thinks he’s paid his debt. Wonder how his child is getting on. Oh, hang on – he’s dead.
    That’s an outstanding balance that will NEVER be repaid.
    And I guess us responsible skating parent out there will refuse to “drop that shit” – and is loving and caring for your kids old news? Fair enough, then I’m happy to be old news. We’re not perfect sure – but our kids are going to be there to watch us skate into our old age.

    • Butthurt for BMX on November 13, 2011 - Reply

      Why continuously remind everyone of this? What are you gaining by punishing somebody you never met for a situation you clearly don’t understand? He was found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter–not murder or child abuse. And it tore him up worse than you can imagine.

      Let the man get on with his life.

    • I’m not sure what your crusade as an internet troll has done for the kids but I first hand have helped thousands of kids in the same community that Neil’s son died. Chew on that you bitter old crust. Digging up old news and casting judgement is not helping anyone, and it does not do any service to his child either. Go do some real community service if you really care.

      • I’m no troll. Regular S’n’A reader. Skater. Proud, loving, caring father. No bitterness, just happiness at being a parent. Don’t judge me either.

  10. Man, nobody seemed to care when I posted that he was released, but release a new board and it’s opened the floodgates.

  11. my balls itch, maybe i’ll itch them?

  12. francisco on November 14, 2011 - Reply

    There are other colors besides bright-ass green in the world. I’m hungry.

  13. The outrage is in that this board is selling his image as hardcore, not as a legit pro. That footage is pretty hard on the eyes for a pro. If you look at it like that, its a bit like Gator selling a ‘bitch killer’ pro model.

  14. P.S., I have a Randoms Heddings shirt that I wear just to be scary. I don’t really care about this either way.

  15. francisco on November 14, 2011 - Reply

    I actually really like the “shape” and would hang it up at work.

  16. That shape looks like I’d fall on my ass just trying to cruise it, and I can do that anyway.

    For all those up in arms about Heddings, shit like that happens every day in this world. If you don’t agree with him being free, unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it. Just ignore it and boycott product if you feel that way.

    • who cares anyway on November 16, 2011 - Reply

      the problem is i know have to get rid of all my boards bcuz they are creature. i quit skating for years ant the 1st board i bought and the 1st company that got me stoked was creature. that year was 2008, i’m just collectivly bummed out and the thought that he skated a pool and his childs last days were sleeping in a van just makes me sick, if you hate me for writing this thats cool, and i’ve never backed down from a single person or an angry mob.

      • Butthurt for BMX on November 16, 2011 - Reply

        If it bugs you that bad, break out the sander and some rattle-cans.

        • who cares anyway on November 17, 2011 - Reply

          good point. its a brutal subject, its not like heddings can afford a multi million dollar dream team to defend him any way, and he was found innocent. i wasnt there, i really dont know the details but its still sucks regardless.

  17. Heddings is a tool, the board looks like a tool… go figure.

  18. Neils a good hearted dude. bottom line . It was a tsunami of bad shit that went down in that period of time and of course he didnt want it to happen like it did. who would. The guy suffers on a daily basis from now to eternity. Leave it be. Skaters dont like haters. so STFU cunt mouth.

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