Gleaming the Cube for sale

Movie prop from Gleaming the Cube was up on eBay. It’s basically a skateboard with a deck made out of solid metal. It sold for $416. Sorry to blow this out for you Neil. Get some more Christian Slater skateboard action here.


  1. Dave ILL on April 20, 2011 - Reply

    It doesn’t look like the board at all.

  2. DeMarco on April 20, 2011 - Reply

    Yeah, I believe the one in the movie was black with only a little bit of chrome on the top where the bumps were supposed to substitute for griptape.

  3. It definitely does not look like it. I remember it had a pointed nose, kind of like the Vision Grigley.

  4. mezmer on April 20, 2011 - Reply

    The one in ‘Gleaming’ did not have mismatched trucks & it had a bright chrome edge. This is a fake. Just watch this clip. Not even close.

    • talentlessquitter on April 20, 2011 - Reply

      That lane-transfer under the semi is the coolest stunt ever!

  5. Prickly Pete on April 20, 2011 - Reply

    Hillbilly shop class cruiser.

  6. Streetmachine on April 20, 2011 - Reply

    That’s not the board, but a buddy of mine does actually have an aluminum board. Hurts like hell when it hits your shins/ ankles an it weighs 100lbs

  7. Gnarles Copinghagen on April 20, 2011 - Reply

    Thought that it had solid steel wheels so that it would go extra fast, because that wouldn’t be too rough at all… At least that’s how I remember it…

  8. houseofneil on April 20, 2011 - Reply

    Guys, they don’t just have 1 prop in a real movie, they have a bunch. The auction says the board was used at the very beginning and the very end of the movie. The deck has been engraved with movie credits and information. It is 100% legit.

  9. It had black wheels, I remember Christian Slater stopping the one dude from putting white wheels on because, “No, black wheels… black wheels are the fastest”.

    I’m a complete dork for even remembering that part, but then again I did get excited seeing a VHS copy of Blockhead’s Splendid Eye Torture today at the skateshop.

    • I remember that as well because it coincided with an Ask The Doctor column where Rick said that white wheels are faster because pigment makes urethane roll slower.

  10. it probably had steel bushing because at the speed hes going he would wobble like crazy…

  11. charles on August 14, 2011 - Reply

    the board in the movie was black with chrome edges and on the bottom of the board was a dragon. it had black speed wheels cause i remember him saying no the black ones and yabo told him that they were fast but they were a rougher ride.

  12. where can you actually find that skateboard?

  13. Nucky R Johnson jr on April 1, 2016 - Reply

    That thing don’t look like it at all the only thing that looks like it is the diamond plating. I have one. First it was shaped like a vision gator,it was high gloss black. Then it has like they said chrome guards, trucks,and where his feet Sat the plating was chrome. Last but least it had a prealta dragon holding two lighting bolts with wings out. The sticker on the bottom is impossible to find I’ve been lookin for years. But this thing ain’t nothing like it. To call this a replica is a disgrace to the board

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