All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge

Tito from Team Pain sent in some pictures from the Quicksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge, and because some of you will ask, it had a 9.5 foot radius and a foot and a half of vert. Team Pain built the ramp and donated it to Grover’s back yard after the event. Ha ha, just kidding. They did build the ramp though. Photos and a good Quicksilver video recap after the jump. All kinds 80’s faces coming out of the woodwork.

Tony Hawk.

Kevin Stab

Andy Macdonald

Christ air by Hosoi.

What, no gymnast? Jeff Hedges.


Kevin Staab

Christian Hosoi

More photos and a recap at Quicksilver.


  1. Love to skate that ramp… Sensible dimensions right there.

  2. I smiled like a kid on Christmas morning while I watched the footage of this! Super stoked to see these guys killing it!

    • talentlessquitter on January 13, 2011 - Reply

      Exactly,me too! Video of the year for me.

      Winners;Lake and Smith for pulling out a NOS deck and ripping it instead of putting it on ebay.Some post-’90 elements slipping into the “All ’80’s” event:
      Of course we vorgive Cara’s popsicle but Frazier rides his ’92 board and Hosoi rides new school truck holes (boooh!).Uh,I thought there were (unwritten) rules.But he makes up for it with great style.

      Jeff Hedges’ words give me so much hope.

      • Not to mention Andy Mac’s presence. Not hating, just don’t remember him being around back then is all.

        • skaterdave on January 16, 2011 - Reply

          He was around, just not famous. He was paying his dues, riding with crusty old heads who made him get up and go again after he ate shit. I don’t feel guilty about it.

  3. talentlessquitter on January 13, 2011 - Reply

    Somehow I have always believed an ’80’s board makes you skate better.

  4. basic loser on January 13, 2011 - Reply

    anyone over 40 doing this is good to see, good edit hawk is a freak

  5. basic loser on January 13, 2011 - Reply

    any one over 40 doing 540’s is awesome

  6. Not the Tobes.. on January 13, 2011 - Reply

    VERT IS BACK!!!! Tell those girl pant wearing bitches it’s time to pad up and learn big overhead airs with proper style!! No more excuses!!! a 2ft air in your sister’s jeans with no pads is not cool, just a sorry excuse to take the easy way out!!!!!

    • Thee MC on January 13, 2011 - Reply

      I will say that to the very next girl pant wearing bitch I see! I just moved over by Ed Benedict so there has to be at least 1 person matching that description who skates there!(I am not really going to do that)

  7. So rad. Can’t help but smile.

  8. Gnarles Copinghagen on January 13, 2011 - Reply


  9. Just noticed the “Like” buttons are gone

    • talentlessquitter on January 13, 2011 - Reply

      Hah! Never used them,never missed them.
      Have to scroll down now to read ‘recent comments’ though.What’s up with that,Kilwag?

      • They were generating some potentially problematic code, and there were some server outages that occasionally caused missing images.. I go annoyed and took them down on the spur of the moment. I may reinstate them or dos something similar/better/different

    • The Shralper on January 13, 2011 - Reply

      YES! we won!

  10. Awesome, just f-ing awesome. Grover must be rewinding this over and over

  11. houseofneil on January 13, 2011 - Reply

    no Lance Mountain? Also I’m not quite sure why Steadham had to lie about when he turned pro. Maybe he forgot. And did McGill pull a Phillips 66 there at the end? Very nice!

    • Not the Tobes.. on January 13, 2011 - Reply

      Mcgillicutty is trying McEgg, 540 Eggplant.
      Candy Mac should NOT have been in this event!!!
      Maybe he was skating back east, Kansas..whatever, but not a pro or even well known sponsored skater in the 80’s!!!
      Lance for sure! and would like to see Grossman and DP in this event.

      VERT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      VERT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Welsh Pete on January 13, 2011 - Reply

        Oh dear, it just slipped back into a coma again…shame we got our hopes up…

        • VERT was never dead. When all the pussies wanted to do was jump down stairs there was plenty of hardcore mofos that were taming the beast. There have been thriving backyard scenes for a very long time. Vert ramp are popping up more & more these days. Many of the best ones are private but they are coming back to parks too. We just finished an true vert ramp less than a month ago. 12 ft tall. 10′ transitions. 2′ of vert. 14 feet of flat. Federal Stone pool coping on both sides. Vert is out there if you look.

      • skaterdave on January 16, 2011 - Reply

        Andy wasn’t well known to you, but who the fuck are you? Vert never went anywhere except out of the media hype limelight.

  12. Awesomeness

  13. two thumbs up to friend mike from montreal who flew down for the show, he is still stoked on seeing it live , being 46 and all .never saw pro’s live.
    florida is so rad littered with team pain parks. he was hipped on the nsb pool.
    Damn should have gone , i just got back from socal so i wasnt starving for pool coping.

    • Cool clip! Better than the measly two minutes on the Quiksilver site. I’d love to see/ do a UK version too.

  14. stairs = pussy. vert = man. i’ll have to remember that as i safely retire to 10′ trannies and pads.

    • You have to do big airs above the 10′ transitions for it to be manly the same as having to do more than two or three stairs.

      • I just might be able to muster up a one-foot stinkbug air, then ollie down 1 stair after I’ve recovered and then finally, let the cat lick the beard off my face.

    • Not the Tobes.. on January 15, 2011 - Reply

      Look, Vert Skaters get Pussy!!!
      Street Skaters are Pussies…
      End of Story.

  15. Vert is back!!!!! Oh boy, I can’t wait for every single skatepark in the country to build a vert ramp! Vert ramps for everyone! Vert Ramps for free!

    oh wait, it was all a dream…..

  16. Let’s do it. Everybody donate 200 to 300$ dollard and we can. As soon as the money starts people get stoked and motivated.

  17. […] Skate and Annoy posted several nice photos and over 11 minutes of video from the Quiksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge featuring Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Kevin Staab and other skateboarding legends from the 1980′s. […]

  18. RawBauer on January 14, 2011 - Reply

    Staab is wearing a Cult shirt. That’s weird. Excellent clip!

  19. no style of skating is worth it if Trackers are invloved

  20. It was cool that Bob Umbel got one of the first interviews. A good friend and brother.

  21. Vert and pool skating very much like rock and roll ,5” airs are bad ass! I’m with Grover you can stick that unwanted ,uncool Team Pain ramp in my back yard any time.

  22. Todd Morrow on January 19, 2011 - Reply

    That was an excellent event to be at. Unfortunately a whole slew of names that, supposedly, were supposed to be there were not (Cab, Lance, Grosso, Schroeder).
    I hope it’s done again without a guy that turned pro in 1995 and is only about 36-37.

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