For Life, at least until something better comes along.

So many titles to chose from. There’s For Life, or For Now, and Fall On You Own Sword, or Victimized Again? What am I talking about? it only took six months for Mike V. to bail on By the Sword, the skateboard company he started after ditching Element. By the Sword heavily used the slogan “DIY or Die” in marketing and products. So what beats doing it yourself? Vallely has signed with Powell Peralta again, a company he complained bitterly about on several occasions. It seems every skateboard entity is intent on making Mike a “pawn” and exploiting his hard work and reputation, but I guess time and money heals all wounds. One can’t help but feel bad for all the shops and distributors that fully got behind Mike V. It’s almost like he used them like… pawns in his game. I realize this is a scene from Sid & Nancy. Somehow a reenactment of Sid Vicious singing “My Way” is more appropriate than the actual footage embedded on the official By the Sword web site, with no offense meant towards Gary Oldman.


  1. nweyesk8 on December 8, 2010 - Reply

    Mike is such a kook, I think his Jesus hair is whispering weird shit to him again 🙂

  2. He used to be a true skaters skater. Now he is just a jock that sucks at hockey. 🙁

  3. Just get a fucking job already. You had a good run.

  4. Brock75 on December 8, 2010 - Reply

    Mike V has a long history of this type of crap. I don’t understand the fascination. He skates pretty good, but at this point it would seem that he is trying to milk. I have been anti- MikeV since he claimed that his $90 signature shoe was well built and affordable. I had a pair and the air pocket broke and the sole fell off within a week of park skating. Not to mention he was a Henry Rollins impersonator until he went gay biker. Tired of the show…. yawn.

  5. Wow- talking shit about a hardworking skateboarder who is currently injured. You guys should all be proud of yourselves. Good job. He does more touring, more skating, more public appearances and is most genuine unless you steal a hockey stick outta his daughters hands. Annoying is reading these comments, not the fact he started a DIY Brand for 6 months. Big deal- A burp in the history of skateboard brands. Surprised no one brought of TV Skateboards.

    • Dispute the facts. He complains about being taken advantage of, and then he goes and pulls a fast one on all everyone that supported his new business venture, supposedly in it for the long hall. DIY or die, but only for the next 6 months.

      There is no doubt that the guy works and skates and tours hard and is super talented, but his other character traits seem at odds with the public persona he’s trying to market. And who cares if he’s injured. Injury doesn’t absolve you from not having integrity.

      • My favorite line from SLC Punk… “I didn’t sell out, I bought in!”

    • Treacherous L. Sweetness on December 9, 2010 - Reply

      He sure does tour hard. So hard you have to pay to watch him… only him. Kilwag put it out there pretty straight forward. Even so you have always got 1 or 2 Mike V apologist that feel the need to come at you with “He rips. He’s contributed so much to skating.” YAWN! There are plenty of skaters out there who have contributed more and have remained humble about what they do. Vallely is a terrible hypocrite, a complainer, and worst of all bully.

  6. Jason Lee was interviewed a while back about why he retired. He said that he didn’t want to be one of those pros sitting poolside with their toes in the water collecting paychecks. I think there’s a time when you just need to move on.

  7. Gnarles Copinghagen on December 8, 2010 - Reply

    Still looks like he rips to me. I don’t know many guys that skate like that, especially at his age. He’s easy to hate I guess if that’s your inclination, but I respect his skating ability.

  8. lou sassel on December 8, 2010 - Reply

    I can’t wait for him to come to my town. I want to be the first in line to buy the VIP pass to the demo. curb side and a hand shake – gotta get that through ticketmaster!

  9. masterochicken on December 8, 2010 - Reply

    I just feel bad for everyone at Regulator.

    • It’s probably the best thing to happen to Svitak. Also, 1031 seems to be coming up. Double Rock footage and Jason Adams now on the team. He’ll probably help with the art direction too. No cons all pros.

      • Gnarles Copinghagen on December 9, 2010 - Reply

        Stoked on Jason Adams joining the team! I just hope that 1031 makes his punk point deck like the one he had on Black Label. Love that board!

        • masterochicken on December 10, 2010 - Reply

          That would be so sick. Although if I had a router I’d do it myself in an instant.

  10. masterochicken on December 9, 2010 - Reply

    I wonder how much these boards will be worth in 20 years.

    • If there are still Mike V fans, I’m guessing about $34. That is adjusted for inflation.

  11. Half a year, half a year,
    Half a year and no more.
    All in the Vallely of Douche
    Rode the six hundred.
    “Forward the Cash Brigade!
    Charge for the coffers!” he said.
    Into the Vallely of Douche
    Rode the six hundred.

    • Rudyard Kipling was prejudiced against Mormons (“square headed, shark mouthed” etc. [as if they were an ethnicity that has a physiognomy], so “his” opinion of Mike V. could be prejudiced, as well, and should not be trusted.

      • And besides, who can fairly blame a skater for wanting to “work to develop his legacy”(!).

        • GavinmGraham on December 9, 2010 - Reply

          It was Lord Tennyson what done wrote Charge of the Light Brigade. Though he may have had a thing against Mormons as well, I can’t be bothered to do my own research. I think the beef with Mike V. (well some of the beef) is that it’s all well and good to stand up and say one wants to develop a legacy but that perhaps that one should try for longer than 6 months.

        • Hah, I was heedlessly confounding it with “The Ballad of East and West”…. Not my fault, though; obviously Tennyson and Kipling simply didn’t work hard developing their legacies. Maybe they should have gone with Alfred T. and Rudyard K., while they were at it.

  12. Central Coast Ken on December 11, 2010 - Reply

    The many faces of Mike V.

  13. simplejack on March 24, 2011 - Reply

    Powell…..home of the High Ollie Trophy.

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