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Hey wow, I’ve got a tone of photos from the 2009 leg of Pier Park that I never put up. I had the second page almost ready to go with a third one in progress. I combined them, did some minor clean up, forget about any names, no time, no memory. Is the Oregon Trifecta still on for 2010? The official web site looks like the internet equivalent of an abandoned house, but I thought I heard Choppy on the mic during the best trick contest at the Dew Tour. I talked to Don Bostick and he said it was still on. I mentioned the abandoned web property and he mumbled something about Choppy having fundraising problems. I have to paint my house this weekend.

August 20 Lincoln City, OR
August 21 West Linn, OR
August 22 Tigard, OR

Page two of Oregon Trifecta 2009 – Pier Park


  1. somerandomdude on August 18, 2010 - Reply

    damn thats lame no pier

  2. choppy tried to sell me a chocolate board at burnside last week so yeah, i’d say he’s having fundraising problems. i guess his dealer doesn’t do board trades.

  3. Don Bostick needs to learn how to use the space bar.

  4. Choppy is in full commitment to this years trifecta. Get on board youll be ammazed. Theres already been plenty of back yard pool sessions and tonight is first night of THRASHIN’ the musical at Dante’s.

  5. Trifecta stuff has been on Facebook.

  6. That’s a good looking dog.

    • Brenda Adams on August 20, 2010 - Reply

      That’s DARLA! She is making friends, every time she leaves the house. Perfect size! LOVES to go to the skate park! She has her own fan club! ALL of the kids in the neighborhood know her, by name. Her favorite thing to do, (besides eating), is pull skaters on their boards. She can really get you going! Perfect size! Oh yeah, she has her very own cat. Darla really is the perfect dog!

      Brenda Adams

  7. Chop Chop on August 18, 2010 - Reply

    I’m sure Choppy’s fundraising dollars go up his nose instead of towards the contest. Somehow he drives a Caddy but he has a EBT card?

    • Brenda Adams on August 20, 2010 - Reply

      Chop Chop:

      How could Choppy’s fundraising dollars be any of your busines? WHO ARE YOU to SPECULATE how those dollars are managed/spent? Do you realize the damage that some foolish comment like yours can do to a person? I am sure that there ARE people that will read what you have said, (not knowing the fool that you are) and assume that what you have said is true.

      Why would you want to give such “bad press” to someone that is as busy as Choppy is, in the skateboarding community, year after year, giving back more than “a little something” to his sport with his involvement in this fundraising, alone? What if ANYTHING have you done or given back to this sport? Do you even skate?

      The Cadillac or anything else he drives is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! His EBT card is not only, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, it’s also NONE OF OURS! Shame on YOU and all of your ugly malice!

      If you have been close enough to see what is in his wallet or how he is paying for his food…… My guess is; He has, at one time or another, possibly, considered you a friend. SHAME ON HIM! I hope that he NEVER makes that mistake again! Not only are you a disappointment to him…. I don’t even know you and you are a disappointment to me!

      YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO BE A FRIEND, This, you have also proven, in just two lines of “comment”! YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF A FRIEND! This too, you have proven in just two lines of “comment!” Do you see how powerful some fool’s words can be now?

      You have violated unwritten rules of friendship on many levels, in those two lines of “comment” that you have left here, for the world to read. You have implied that Choppy is not “above board” with his fund raising efforts. Went as far as to say that “you are SURE that funds that he raised WENT UP HIS NOSE”??? Ugly, ugly, ugly!!! Following that up with, an implication of dishonesty, because of what he drives or how he pays for his food? BTW… When someone is fundraising, they are REQUIRED to have RECORDS of ACCOUNTABILITY? He has HAD TO ACCOUNT for ALL of the DONATIONS RECEIVED!

      You are some piece of work! You must be a hater of the skateboarding community and doing his/her best to “take away” from it, with your two lines of “comment”. I know that someone that would do the things that you have implied that Choppy has, would be such a loser! I also know, there is something lesser than the loser that you’ve implied here. It is the one that “FALSELY ACCUSES someone else of being that loser and IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE in an effort to create doubt in or suspicion! You have attempted to manipulate other peoples’ opinions of Choppy and create damage to/for Choppy, with your two lines of “comment”. You have proven that YOU ARE NOBODY!

      I am happy that I read this! I am smart enough to know what your two lines of “comment” says about you! I am also happy that I am not foolish enough to believe what you have said about Choppy!

      Anyhow, the TRIFECTA is under way! The funds have once again, obviously been raised. Choppy and others have once again, done what ever had to be done to make this event take place! What can you say about this now??? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself??? There is NO EXCUSE for what you have done!

      BTW… I couldn’t help but notice your user name being “Chop Chop”. Whaz up with that?
      Brenda Adams

  8. I am not a good writer but a friend showed me this and I thought I should respond. Who ever you are I don’t know if you’ll read this but to let everyone know, I am not on Drugs and I put all the money I work for in Trifecta. I don’t get money from sponsors I ask them to pay for something if they can, if they can’t they can’t and are still welcome. I do it because I believe in bowl/park skating and think if street and vert got it going why not park/bowl. I used to enter the contest before they were real street courses and were more launch ramps with lines. I was blessed to be sponsored and travel to those events and while I was there I would go around and skate everything. The contests were not my thing but I love to travel and make friends then and the next event we would all see each other again, it was like a family reunion. I work to bring that to the Northwest. I deal with hatters(burnside,life,) all the time so I am kind of calis to it now. I know I am trying to do a good thing. Also working with city and malof to get them to come to portland and build a great street and bowl park for the locale skaters & there contest; this helps the progression of skating. The caddy was a lease I took over to help my dead step dads family. You obviously don’t know shit, but o well you can’t make everyone happy. I just want everyone you write to, to know the truth and if anyone wants to check the books are wide open. World cup does my paper work and the account so I don’t know how you can say what you say, but you are a liar. Why don’t you go public and say who you are so we can check your lies. I don’t want to lower myself to your level but I will cause so many people help me and your pissing on them w/ your lies. This was our 8th year of continuous progression and will never stop so get out of the way and find something else to try and ruin because this event has proven it’s self. Choppy Omega. Thanks Skate and annoy for all the skateboard contributing support. Sk8 4 Life

  9. dont mess with the chop!

  10. I loves me some trifecta. Thanks for making it happen Choppy.

  11. dont know choppy but maybe i saw an old video of him riding his motorcycle in burnside? so epic keep it real man trifecta is the shit!! thanks for giving back!

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