Epoxies reunion show

Before you get your hopes up, this was a one off reunion gig at a benefit. In fact, FM Static distinctly warned the crowd that they should “…go nuts now cause it ain’t gonna fucking happen again!” Well, Epoxies fans can only hope he’s not a man of his word.

I was going to bring a legitimate camera since I just bought one, but I decided I just wanted to enjoy the moment instead of document it. I also figured Rich would be there so it would be covered. I thought Dantes was going to be overrun with fans and photogs. As it was, I don’t think I saw a single flash go off that night, aside from strobe lights on stage. It was a surprise, actually. There was a good sized crowd, but still room to breathe. Great show! Sure, I’m biased, but trust me, fun was had by all. It was a high energy show and it seemed like they must have practiced. They completely fell apart during “You,” but plowed through it anyway, and everyone loved it. Like I said, I didn’t bring a real camera, but I pulled out the iPhone during the encores. I hoped for the best and was pleasantly surprised.

This shot isn’t doctored or enhanced. The strobe lights made it look like it was shot from a TV screen. That’s Roxy’s hand reaching up from the stage.

At left is a mission specialist from the Phenomenauts joining Roxy on stage for Toys. FM Static has a loose affiliation with the Phenomenauts who are playing at Dantes in Portland on Friday, June 18th

Bonus “studio” video for “You.”


  1. jacknife on June 7, 2010 - Reply

    It was a great show. I was glad to get the chance to see em live.

  2. Jesus people, the Epoxies for crying out loud!

  3. Houseofneil on July 11, 2010 - Reply

    Phenomonauts kick ass too. I saw them with the epoxies and teenage bottlerocket a few years back. Great great show.

  4. Houseofneil on July 11, 2010 - Reply

    Randy, could you do the epoxies screens on a park bomb deck for me?

  5. bobcat on July 12, 2010 - Reply

    Phenomonauts just played a house party up here in Seattle 2 weeks ago with Cookie Mongoloid (SF). One of their lazzers sliced a kid, it was awesome.

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