Portland Timbers vs Canadian Maple

May 15th was free skateboard day at the PGE park. The first 2000 people to enter the Portland Timbers game vs. St Louis got a free Portland Timbers skateboard. I didn’t even find out about it until now. I’m bummed on a few levels. Bummed I didn’t know about it in advance, bummed I didn’t get a skateboard, and bummed I wasn’t the supplier. 2,000 skateboards is an expensive promotion, even if you were to buy them from China. It would take a company like, Oh , I don’t know, Cold War, a good six years to sell that many decks. I didn’t think it was legit, but it is up on the Portland Timbers Facebook page. The top graphic is the tip off that the designer probably didn’t skate. Anybody know what’s going on with the rumor that Portland might get a Major League Soccer team? Remember the episode of the Simpsons where they joked that it made actually made a town less desirable? Interesting cross sport marketing. I was going to link to a picture of a frisbee with a skateboarder on it, but either I never posted it or I can’t find it.

– Thanks to Greg for the tip.


  1. colin on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    I saw one of these boards when i was interviewing Rensberry – it’s literally a piece of plywood shaped.. no concave.

  2. nweyesk8 on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    I like soccer 🙂

  3. mezmer on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    I played soccer all the way through college. i have been skating off & on for 24 years. I don’t understand the connection of the two for this promotion. Strange.

  4. Weird. I know it’s kinda different in the states, where “soccer ” is more underground and credible, but here in England I could never see this happening, skating and football are like chalk and cheese. Yes, there are skaters who like a bit of football, myself included, but for the most part, the football fans are the ones we get grief from for skating. If this kind of crossover happened here it would be like an NFL or Major League franchise making boards.

  5. Greg N on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    It is odd, but totally a ‘Portland thing’ to do.

  6. Agreed, MB. Football and Skateboarding… not likely bed fellows in the real world.

  7. How weird is this, but yesterday a man with a suit on came into our shop here in Hood River. He want to put a skateboard together, need trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware. It was for him and his 5 year old son. Well we picked out some Indy’s, Bones 52mm and Bones reds and then I noticed the board. It was one of the 2000 (CHEAP) Portland Timbers. He told me he will be back when he needs a new board and I’m sure that will be next week.

  8. livmo on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    SF Giants game on the 30th has a skateboard give away to the first 7500 kids. Some company called Full Throttle.
    Not sure how baseball and skateboarding are connected other than that old Powell ad from the early 80’s where they’re pitching mini cubics and batting with skateboards.

  9. beermonster on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    Got a hold on said “skateboard”. Literally a piece of plywood cut in the shape of a skateboard. Upturned nose and tail. No concave. No routed edges. 8 ply’s. Top is pre-gripped with what looks like sand in paint. Truck holes don’t match up with new or old bolt patterns. Cost was probably more than they are worth. Disappointing at best.

  10. Talentlessquitter on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    Let’s not get carried away here with the crossover thing.
    For a lot of people a skateboard is an advertising prop to print stuff on.
    You know,your pens,balloons,bags,’n stuff.Nothing more.

  11. houseofneil on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    The Seattle Sounders became the most well supported team in MLS in their inaugural season last year, so the MLS brass probably thinks that the pacific NW is the new hotbed of soccer and will milk it until it fails.

  12. Tom Miller on May 20, 2010 - Reply

    I live across the street from the stadium and rarely miss a game. The lines for this promotion were unusually long. I’m too lazy to stand in line to get in, so I wait for the national anthem before running across the street for the beginning of the match. Which means I didn’t get a deck.

    I did check one out though. The screen was good but edges weren’t sanded at all. I tried to buy one from two 12-year girls for novelty’s sake. They considered it and decided against it. I didn’t press the issue.

    • beermonster on May 22, 2010 - Reply

      Waiting in line for this, with no beers before hand was torture. Once I got in and got my “skateboard” I couldn’t stop being amused and embarrassed all the way to the beerstand.

  13. Carl is a dick on May 21, 2010 - Reply

    I’ve found that many skaters also play golf. I have a mean game myself..

  14. Can’t wait for those Ping decks. I’ve just thought, Creature soccer balls exist, not sure if that’s weirder or not, but I guess it evens things out.

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