By golly, Lincoln City builds a holy grail of skateboarding!

Oregonian Lincoln City coverage

The Oregonian had a story about the Lincoln City skatepark today. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Lincoln City is up to phase V with the new skate track. Not a bad story although they seemed to be confused about a few things like calling the pool replica is one of the park’s easiest features when I think they meant the new reservoir bowl.

[Photo: Thomas Boyd /The Oregonian] – Thanks to GVK and my mom for the tip.


  1. By golly!

  2. colinwalshrules on April 22, 2010 - Reply


  3. The kid in the picture has some good concrete finishing skills, on and off his skateboard.

  4. saw this in the paper today. I like the caption for the pool: “This pool is considered one of the easiest parts at the Lincoln City Skatepark and is designed to help beginners learn tricks.”

    My back still ain’t right from that thing – and its been years.

  5. mant kills it.

  6. Carl is a dick on April 23, 2010 - Reply

    Bail shot.

    • bailgun on April 23, 2010 - Reply

      i swear you could send a “regular” journalist 100 photos of makes and one bail, and they’d pick the bail shot to run every time.

  7. Can’t wait to go skate it!

  8. The Jack Marsh Pre vow quote is classic. Should be a good session this weekend.

  9. i just have to comment that dude’s setup is one of the more unique ones i’ve seen…wide in the back, narrow (and hella loose) in the front? wtf? is this a case of riding what you have or some new experiment with truck width? i’d guess the wide rear might offer a little more stability but limit carving…

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