Sears. Still my favorite skateshop

I keep looking for this Sears catalog from 1965, but they always go for upwards of $40 when I’m watching. Too much for me, but I’d never actually seen the page before, but I knew it existed. This one showed up as an ancillary illustration to another Sears Hot Dog board on eBay. The same board they used on an episode of Green Acres. It’s at this point in the interview that I mention for the umpteenth time that I got my first skateboard at a Sears. Enlarge-o-rama.

– Thanks to Dave P. for the tip.


  1. Ha, those look like stage 1 Indys in the red box.

    Randy, you familiar with this?;

    • Yeah, I’m a regular at Wishbookweb. Haven’t scoped it out for new additions in a while.

  2. I wish I had more skateboard memorabilia. Then when I’m old I could take it out and look at it and it would jog my memory so that I’d remember that I’m still skateboarding and maybe go out and skate somewhere.

  3. fester combs on March 12, 2010 - Reply

    6.99 with urethane wheels.. sick!

  4. Fester, I got “professional kind? wheels of tough plastic have easy rolling bearings… give you @#$%^? speed” in the 6.99 blurb; could not make out anything about urethane. Woulda been funny if Sears introduced it, though. And hey, the “we invented rad skating” Z-boys of the next decade would have been much less corny if they wore Toughskins instead of dude fashion.

  5. Scotty on March 13, 2010 - Reply

    You get to see this page and every other ’60’s ad in my new book on Skateboarding in the 1960’s.. I’m hoping to have it finished by Xmas..Did you know there were multiple skateboards parks built in the ’60’s? Yep and the slalom ramp a the ’65 Anaheim skateboard contest was the practice snow ski ramp from a local shop and there where actually many many skateboard contests in the ’60s and Patti McGee the girl on LIFE magazine actually did the local weather report live on Chicago TV while doing a handstand on her skateboard. 90% of the images in the book, most skaters will have never seen.

  6. I’m going to splurge for better control at $7.49. Hey, it’s only money.

  7. Wake Surfer? Guess it just took a while to catch on. Maybe because this Sears one was about 6′ long?

    Scotty, the book sounds good. Keep us posted.

  8. fester combs on March 14, 2010 - Reply

    clay? clastic?

  9. i picked up a sears “woody” a few years back at a flea market, its missing one layer of veneer on the bottom but still in really good condition, exact same trucks and wheels as the skee skate in that ad.

    got it for 20 bucks, i offered the dude 15 and he said “i can get 150 bucks for that on the ebay” so i walked away and he chased me down and said he’d do it for 20. so much the ebay. (yes he called it THE ebay)

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